Saturday, June 17, 2017

the most difficult paths sometimes lead us to the most beautiful places.

I'm going to be very honest. Most things in my life have come pretty easily. School was always easy, making friends was easy, college was pretty easy...yes, I've had to work really hard at times, but I have achieved every goal I have set for myself and most things in my life have gone the way I wanted them to go. But...mothering my first born is not coming easy.  The past few weeks have been the most difficult in my parenting journey thus far. But in the middle of my frustration, the Lord is teaching me humility and my great need for my heart to be transformed...and above all, my desperate need for Him.

Mothering my other two comes so easily and falls right into line with how I had planned, but Reid knows how to push every single one of my buttons. He is an amazing kid...he excels academically, is talented athletically, and has the most empathetic heart of anyone I know, but oh how his persistent personality wears me down. These past few weeks have been my hardest yet when it comes to parenting. And I need Jesus. I am learning that I am not in control, and I am not trying to make Reid do things my way. I am trying to show Reid the joy and the freedom that comes with doing things His way. 

God knew I needed this precious boy. Because with lots of patience and prayer, we're both going to be better, stronger, and and a little more like Jesus. 


A few weeks after Jeb and I were married, I asked him how many kids he wanted to have. He responded with, "How many do you want to have?" So on the count of three we decided to both say how many we wanted. At the same exact time, on the count of three, we looked at each other, smiled, and said, "Three." I remember the exact spot on I-40 when that number, that dream, came out of our mouths. Ten years later, I am filled with awe and overwhelming thankfulness at how God turned that one word, our dream, into this. 

They are all of my heart. 💙❤️💙


Monday, May 22, 2017

1st Grade Awards Assembly. 2017

Our sweet Lil had her first grade awards assembly last week, and we could not be more proud of her! She has truly blossomed this past year, and I have loved every moment of watching her little personality grow. Below is a list of the awards she received for 1st grade:

-Physical Education Excellence Award
-Ready Reader (2) Award
-Rising Reader Award
-Independent Reader Award
-Classroom Spelling Bee Champion
-State of Oklahoma Achievement in Reading
-Accelerated Reader: 10,000 Words and Beyond
-Certificate of Achievement in Addition
-Math Masters Club
-Great Expectations Life Principle Achievement in Attitude
-Certificate of Achievement in Math (Personal Best Subject)
She received the P.E. Award out of all of the first grade girls, and I was so surprised! Jeb was like, "Well Kelli Ann, look who her dad is." Lol! The P.E. coach said she was "kind, competitive, and a little bit sassy!" Competition dance has really helped her become more assertive and outgoing, and I truly love her calm, but fiery spirit. Her dance teacher says she's a "gamer!"
 LilliAnn and Presleigh
 She loves her Papa!
 I look crazy in this picture because my eye was swollen from a bug bite! But we sure are proud of our girl!
 She is definitely Nana's girl!
 We have loved having Mrs. Cornelison this year! At first I was a little overwhelmed with the homework and some of the assignments, but after the first few weeks and getting into our routine, I was amazed at the progression LilliAnn was making! Mrs. Cornelison pushed and challenged her, and her math and reading skills dramatically improved this year!
 Lyla and LilliAnn have been friends since they were born...Lyla is moving to Norman and we are going to miss her and her family so much! 
 Precious girls!
 Lil and Audrey!
I hope she always lives her life to glorify God, and in doing that, it will be greater than any award shecould ever receive! Super proud of this girl for her academic achievements, but most of all for her good attitude and kind heart. 
Mrs. Cornelison is beyond amazing, and LilliAnn has truly, truly been blessed to have her as a teacher this year. First grade was fabulous and fantastic!!