Thursday, February 27, 2014

"wiggly" tooth.

For about a month now, Reid's had a "wiggly" tooth. "Wiggly" teeth must be the big thing in pre-k because he talked about it and wiggled on it constantly - I mean, when you have a loose tooth you must wiggle it, right?! Several of the kids in his class and a few of his friends have already lost a tooth, so the tooth fairy talk has been pretty big around our house. He couldn't wait for that "wiggly" tooth to come out! LilliAnn, on the other hand, said that she is scared of having a "wiggly" tooth and that it's going to scare her when hers falls out. She said that she is afraid of the tooth fairy and is going to stay at her Nana and Papa's house whenever she loses a tooth, so the tooth fairy won't find her. The kids have been talking about teeth constantly since this one tooth of Reid's has been loose. Today, Reid was explaining to LilliAnn that once you get big teeth, they don't fall out, and that all of Missy's teeth are "pretend teeth."
Well, two days ago it happened. The "wiggly" tooth FINALLY came out! I had a doctor's appointment in OKC, so mom and I were in Target doing some shopping. My phone was dead (imagine that) and so my mom received the phone call and picture first. Aunt Johnna sent this pic and said, "our after school event!" She told us that Reid had pulled it out himself at the office after she picked him up from school. He made her tape it to a piece of paper so he wouldn't lose it, and was so excited for the tooth fairy to visit! 
cute little toothless grin - but it makes him look SO much older! 
 I was so glad that we had bought this tooth fairy pillow! Lions are Reid's favorite animal, and I knew this little pillow would be just perfect! 
 We asked him how much money other kids in his class got from the tooth fairy, and he told us "some get $5, but some kids get $100," and then he smiled really big. He told me that he knows why the tooth fairy can't give a "whole, whole lot of money", "it's because she has to save some for all of the other kids in the world."
It may just be my pregnancy hormones, but I cried when Reid called to tell me that he had lost his first tooth. It's just another sign - a pretty obvious one - that my first born…my baby boy…is growing up. I'm trying to savor every moment, every memory, every little funny, because I know he won't be in this little boy stage long. The past couple of months, he's become so confident and mature. His teacher texted me the other day and said that she wanted me to know that he was one of only three kids in his class that received a special super star because he made good choices even when his friends weren't. She told me that he listened well and followed directions, and she was very proud of him. This made me heart so very happy. At his parent/teacher conference, she told me that Reid was a sweet, sweet boy and so wonderful to have in class. He has met all of his requirements and is kindergarten ready. I'm so proud of the boy he's growing into! All of these little milestones are so bittersweet, and as much as I don't like him growing up, I love that I am able to be part of all of his moments and achievements. Like the book says, "If I could keep you little, I'd keep you close to me - but then I'd miss you growing into who you're meant to be." I love you Reid Jackson Rollins. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

week 35. (baby #3)

35 week appointment (almost 36 weeks).
February 25, 2014 - Dr. K. Anthony Shanbour (Mercy Hospital, OKC)
  • total weight gained: 36 pounds (eeeeek!)
  • fetal heart rate: 137 bpm
  • blood pressure: 110/70
The past week I've been having a lot of low back pain, pelvic pressure, and mild contractions every couple of days. I've also been having this very strange, "electric shock/pinching" pain that shoots into my vaginal/cervix area. I remember having a few of these types of pains the week before I had LilliAnn, but they seem to be way more intense with this baby. It only happens for a split second, but at times, can almost bring me to my knees! Dr. Shanbour says this could be the baby moving on a nerve, or more likely, the baby pushing its' way into my pelvis (ouch!). I've had about four different episodes of contractions, with last night being the most intense/consistent. They were occurring very regularly - about every 6 minutes - and lasting for about a minute and a half. This went on for almost two hours, but after a hot bath, thankfully they eased up and I was able to go to sleep. 
Dr. Shanbour stated that since I had Reid right before I was 37 weeks, and LilliAnn at 38 weeks, this baby would probably come early too. He said that he doubts I'll make it to March 20 for my scheduled c-section and predicted at this appointment that I would have the baby in 1 1/2 - 2 weeks! My blood pressure is still great, and I haven't really had any swelling. However, I did wake up early this morning with my hands and feet feeling a lot more "puffy" than normal. It's very hard to get my wedding rings on, and I can tell it's getting close - mostly due to the nesting and weird uneasy feeling that I've had for the past week. The diaper bag and my overnight bag are packed, the camera is charged, and the cord blood collection kit is ready to go! 
Although I am technically "ready," I still don't feel prepared for this baby yet. There is still a ton of work to do to finish up the nursery (I need a rug, crib skirt, curtain rods, changing pad cover - pictures need hung), and the playroom still needs organized and shelves hung for it to be complete. There are several small "honey-do" things that I'm wanting Jeb to tackle this week, and I need to order a little swing for the baby (both of my other kids LOVED their little portable swing!).  Hopefully I can get some of these things accomplished this week before the baby makes its' appearance! 

week 34. (baby #3)

week 33. (baby #3)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Lil's words.

Just picked up Jeb and Lil from the dance... on the way home LilliAnn says, "Mom it was a great night. And I like to rap dance." 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lil's words.

She was calling me "your majesty" tonight. Before she fell asleep she said, "just give me a big big kiss your majesty and everything will be allllll right!"
#angel #cannotgetoverher

Then she told Jeb that she was going to give him a goodnight hug and kiss, but he had to bow to her first! 

getting big. (baby #3)


Monday, February 10, 2014

Lil's words.

"Did you know that I'm a real princess because that's what my daddy calls me. He's my Prince Daddy Charming! That's what I call him. He's the bestest daddy, and I get to go to a real dance like Cinderella with my prince!" 

Looks over at Jeb and rubs his face - "Oh I just loooooove the color of your eyes. I love you so very very much. I love you no matter what. And I really love the color of your hair too." 


Saturday, February 8, 2014

week 32. (baby #3)

32 week appointment.
February 3, 2014 - Dr. K. Anthony Shanbour (Mercy Hospital, OKC)
  • total weight gained: 30 pounds
  • fetal heart rate: 148 bpm
  • blood pressure: 100/60
Everything still seems to be going great with this pregnancy. My c-section was scheduled for Thursday, March 20, but I have a feeling that this baby will make its' appearance a little earlier than that…just like its' siblings! We finally got started on the nursery last week. We painted the walls a light gray, the crib is up, and I've been thinking about color schemes. I may wait to finish the decor after the baby is born, as I have certain colors in mind for a boy and a girl. I want the room/decor to transition easily to a toddler room, and I'm not sure a boy toddler room would look great in if I went completely with white/cream/neutral with my decor, however, I could make that work if it was a girl. The baby will be in the co-sleeper in our room for a while, so I'm not in a huge hurry to finish the nursery decor/accents…especially since now I have some ideas in mind.  

I have thought this baby was a boy since I first found out I was pregnant. About a year after LilliAnn was born, I started having dreams about another little boy. I knew our hands were full, but for some reason felt like we were just meant to have another baby. I wasn't at peace with being "done" forever. Maybe it's because of the special relationship I have with LilliAnn or me wanting her to be my only girl (I don't have a sister, so I've never longed for LilliAnn to have one. I love the relationship between my mom and I, and the fact that I don't have to share her with another girl.), or maybe it's because Jeb has a brother and I know he's always wanted Reid to have a brother, or because Jeb's always wanted two boys, or because I always said growing up that I wanted "two boys and a girl," or maybe because I've had another boy name since I was pregnant with LilliAnn, while girl names seem to be sooooo hard for me right now…but for whatever reason, I think this baby is a boy. BUT if a beautiful baby girl is placed in my arms on March 20 (or before!), I will be so surprised and SO blessed!!! 
In saying that, I have already bought a couple of boy outfits. I saved more of LilliAnn's baby clothing than I did Reid's, and cute boy stuff is much harder to find than girl stuff, so when I saw these adorable boy pieces (and blanket) I just couldn't resist. If the baby is a girl, I can save the boy things and give them as baby gifts to other girls that I know are having boy babies. 

My other two babies were both breech, and because this baby is head down, I'm carrying it a lot differently! My belly right now at 32 weeks is the size that it was when I delivered Reid and LilliAnn! The baby is extremely low and is really putting a lot of pressure in my pelvic area. I get up at least 8 times a night to go to the bathroom!  LilliAnn always talks about how big and "chubby" my belly is getting. She rubs my belly and talks to the baby multiple times a day, and loves to ask questions about what the baby is doing. It's been so much fun having her involved in this pregnancy and I know she's going to make the BEST big sister! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lil's words.

"Mom, I reeeeeally want some cereal."
"Not until you take that vitamin."
"Ugh! You ALWAYS crush my heart!"
"Mom, you're getting chubby boobies."
LilliAnn sits up in bed in the middle of the night and I hear her singing...
"Eye of the tiger, fighter, dancin' through the fire. I am the champion. And you're gonna hear me roar." 
#sleepsinging #sofunny
"Do you think the baby is going to love candy and all sugar foods?"

Lil's words.

I woke up to the sweetest voice this morning and someone kissing my face. 

"Mommy, I love you just the way you are. I love how you look when you are sleeping."

#sheismyangel #mypreciousgirl