Thursday, October 21, 2010

Updates coming soon!

Wow! October has been such a busy month for The Ruckus. From Thomas the Train to the Pumpkin Patch to OU games to birthday parties to Halloween pictures then 6 month pictures then Mistketoe Market with a few colds, tummy aches, and mommy's crazy work schedule thrown in...not to mention our Halloween party, the circus, and trick-or-treating yet to come this month! But I promise updates soon to come - when I get more than 5 seconds to stop and breathe, sift through pictures, upload, and narrate our story this past month.

Through all of this chaos we've been having lots of fun! Although we've been failing to get both kids in their own beds, the snuggle time with us all four together in one big bed at night sure is nice. Before bed we play, sing songs, read books, watch Dumbo (Reid's favorite movie of the month), give kisses, and say our prayers.

A few nights ago Reid wasn't wanting to go to sleep so I decided I'd tell him a new story. I started telling him the story of the three little pigs, trying to make it extra interesting to hold his attention since it was his first time to hear it (so I thought). When I got to the big bad wolf "huffing and puffing," Reid was saying it with me..."I'll huff and I'll puff and blow your house down!" I looked at him with a "how do you know this" look since I've never told him this story. "Yeah mommy, that's what Barney says." Thanks Barney...for teaching my child more than I am!

Last night as we were lying in bed I told Reid it was time to say his prayers. He closed his eyes and said, "Dear God," then I helped him with the rest of our short little prayer feeling proud that he knew how his prayers started until he decided, "I don't wanna say prayers anymore mommy." Then we talked about God making us and living up in the sky in heaven and Jesus living in our heart. "He's in daddy's heart?" "Yes, Reid" I said, "Jesus lives in daddy's heart too." Next, we had to flip our pillows over because "it's upside down!" "mommy your pillow is upside down too." Flipping over our pillows before we go to sleep has now become a ritual...I think Reid likes the way the "cold side" of the pillow feels. Moments like this are priceless.

I wanted to jot down a few things Reid has said lately...

-"How old are you mommy?
(Such a little smarty pants...actually he's been asking daddy how old he was and he remembered the 27)

-"Awesome, mommy!!!"
(after I shot a metal bird target with a bb gun)

-"umm...maybe I need to go time
(after I walked into the living room when LilliAnn was crying and Reid was sitting next to her...I looked at him and he said this)

-Reid upstairs in Kassidy's room at mom and dad's...
Me: "What are you doing Reid?"
Reid: "Playing the guitar."
Me: "What are you playing?"
Reid: "Pretty boy swag!"

-- Kell
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