Friday, September 30, 2011

Conversation with my 17 month old...

LilliAnn, you communicate SO well! Since the day you were born, I've always known exactly what you wanted...I never had to wonder or guess..I always knew. Although you weren't able to talk, I knew when you were hungry, sleepy, or needed to be held close. You've done everything so early - crawling at 5 months, first steps, at 8 months, running at 11 months...always trying to keep up with your bubba.
This is how our conversation went today as we were walking out to the car at Nana Karen's house...

"What do you want to wear to Tara's wedding tonight, Sis?"
-"A shurt."
"A shirt? What about a pretty dress?"
-"A tutu."
"You want to wear a tutu?"
-"Ya! A tutu train" (and you start laughing that little loud, fake laugh like Reid does)

Then as I'm putting you in the car at our house to go back to Nana & Papa's you look at me with a really big smile and say, "tooty butt!" And you start giggling. I think you've been learning some things from your big brother!

Sentences I've heard you say in the past couple of days...
"Where's Reid at?"
"What Papa doin'?"
"That daddy's hat?" "That daddy's shoes?"
"I want my baby!"
"Mommy! Moonie! (movie)...It's ovie! (over)"
"I wuv ooo" (I love you)
"Ready to go!"
"That Reid seeping?" (sleeping)
"Pee pee in the potty?"

LilliAnn, you are quite the talker...I wonder where you get that from?

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