Monday, July 23, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things.

Yes, here they are....a few of my favorite things. Two precious, wonderful, silly, beautiful, healthy, spirited, kind-hearted, blonde-haired children. My children. My light, my hope, my love...MY WORLD. My cup runneth over. 
Here are few of Reid's favorite things.
Reid Jackson Rollins - Age 4
  • Food: pickles, chicken & dumplings, beef jerky, Cheez-Its, banana nut bread, plums
  • TV Shows: Curious George, River Monsters, Power Rangers
  • Movies: The Sandlot, Cars 2
  • Sayings: "Heck ya!" "So awesome!" "It's not fair!"
  • Characters: superheroes - Spiderman, Batman
  • Clothing: athletic wear and flip flops (with no straps) - basketball shorts/Nike & Under Armor gear, "cool stuff"
  • Activities: FISHING (especially at the lake), swimming (diving to the bottom for things), tubing at the lake, going to work with daddy, practicing baseball with daddy (especially hitting), riding your 4-wheeler at Nana & Papa's, riding your bike, playing basketball, dressing up as superheroes, playing the iPad (mostly fishing games)
  • Books: fishing books, books about K.D. or basketball, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Dr. Suess books
  • Games: Hide & Seek, Candyland, playing cowboys with daddy
  • Songs: "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber, "Gummy Bear" on the iPad/YouTube
Favorite summer memory: Watching Reid learn to wakeboard, tubing with Jeb and Reid at the lake and going cool tricks/making pyramids

Here are a few of LilliAnn's favorite things.
LilliAnn McKenzie Rollins - Age 2
  • Food: hamburger meat, cheese, green beans, strawberries, oranges, cupcakes, Milk Duds, M&Ms
  • TV Shows: Dora the Explorer
  • Movies: Leapfrog Letter Factory, Dora Ballet Adventure, The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell
  • Sayings: "I promise" "I wuv you to the moon" 
  • Characters: Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Dora, "princesses," Ariel, Minnie Mouse, My Little Ponies
  • Clothing: leggings, "panties," Tinkerbell or Cinderella t-shirt, dresses, light-up shoes
  • Activities: singing and dancing in the living room, riding Reid's red power-wheels 4-wheeler, playing baby dolls, playing mommy's iPhone, coloring & drawing, finger painting, playing with her kitchen at the lake
  • Books: Where's My Mommy, The Ugly Duckling, Mother Goose nursery rhymes/poems/songs
  • Games: Candyland
  • Songs: ABC Song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Little Mermaid: "Part of Your World"
  • Lovies: "Ivy" the baby doll, pink softie blankie
Favorite summer memory: Lil doing tricks on her pink 4-wheeler at the lake - riding with one leg and standing up on the seat, singing "Part of Your World" in the bath tub at the lake, playing baby dolls before going to sleep at night


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