Wednesday, July 17, 2013


LilliAnn had her very first tumbling lesson yesterday. We did a private lesson and I (as well as the coach!) could not believe how well she did for her age! We scheduled this lesson just to see if she was ready to start tumbling classes. The instructor told me that not only was she ready, but that she needed to do private lessons instead of a class because she ahead of most children her age. I honestly was very surprised at how well she paid attention and how "coachable" she was. She can already do a cartwheel/round-off (not perfectly of course), and there is a possibility that she may be able to do a backhand spring by the time she is 4! After watching this lesson, we decided that we will do gymnastics this fall in the mommy & me class at Rising Star Gymnastics, and will do private tumbling lessons once a week as well. I thought dance was going to be her "thing," but now tumbling may be her "thing" as well!
My mom said that when she kept her yesterday, LilliAnn was telling her and my aunt how her "banastics" teacher said she needed to "train every day." Then she showed them all of her "training exercises" and gave them made up names. She makes up big words all the time. This week she's been saying "comp-a-lation." She's such a mess! 
 Stay tuned for more on our little gymnast! 

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