Sunday, April 16, 2017

the reed and the rush.

So yesterday in Bible study we were talking about names and their meanings, so I decided to look up my kids' names and explore their meaning. I know most people do this before they choose a name, but I never did with any of my children. 
With Reid, we wanted a "R" name and as we were watching football one night we heard the name Reid and liked it. Then the next day, we heard the name again, spelled the other way (Reed), while watching a wakeboard tournament on ESPN. We didn't know any Reids, and after hearing it twice and loving it, we decided it was meant to be! I chose the spelling based on which I liked best and from a vote at the baby shower - which thankfully matched the spelling I liked best with Rollins. 
I dreamed of the name Rush and saw his face in my dream. I was born in the town of Ruston, Louisiana, so I put that with Rush and it became Rushton Jeb - because in my dream he looked just like his daddy. :)

Anyway... when I really started researching the name Reed (this is the common spelling), I discovered that it can be used interchangeably with "Rush." In several definitions it would say, "see also Rush," as rush is a type of reed (tall, grass-like plants that when blown by the wind, easily stand back up and resume their upright position). And in the English version, if you look them up, they both have the same meaning of red or red-haired. 
There is even a verse in Isaiah (which happens to be the book of the Bible I am currently studying in- depth) that mentions "the reed and the rush." Actually, that verse is in chapter 9, which so happens to be the exact chapter we were discussing yesterday! 😳❤️

I named my boys the same name and never knew it until now! And I discovered something amazing and wonderful about LilliAnn's name too! 
I know you guys didn't need to know all of that, but I love how God's work is displayed perfectly in my children's names!

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