Friday, April 6, 2018

Letter to My Birthday Girl: 8 Years Old

Dear precious, beautiful, lovely LilliAnn,
I'm in complete denial that you are EIGHT YEARS OLD! People always say that time goes by so fast, and it seems like the older you get, the faster time goes. The only way I know to start this letter is to tell you that you are just a GEM! I always wanted a little girl, but I never could have imagined that I would have a little girl that is as precious as you. Every single day you make my heart swell with pride, and I thank God every day that you're mine. You are kind, intelligent, fierce, spunky, sassy, and caring. You are my dream come true...and so much more! 
You're favorite thing right now is dance. We drive to Seminole four days a week for competitive dance classes, and you absolutely love it! You love a challenge, and spend a lot of your time at home trying to master new dance moves or work on your turns. You are extremely self motivated, and you practice and stretch on your love trying to get better! I feel so blessed to have a daughter like you. I don't have to constantly tell you to do things or remind you what needs to be done, because you are super responsible and always take care of business. You have a fantastic memory, and you are always reminding me about things we need to do, or important dates to remember. Your nickname is our "best finder girl" because you can ALWAYS find anything that is missing. It's kind of crazy, like you have a little radar or something, because even when we've looked everywhere, you always seem to come up with whatever we're missing! 
You argue and fight with your brothers, like siblings do, but you absolutely love both of your brothers. You are a little mama to Rush, and you always talk about how much you love his funny personality and his cute little voice. You love to aggravate Reid, but you care so much for him. You're always getting him little gifts or prizes...even if they are things like hot dog erasers. Lol! I love your relationship with Reid because you joke and pick at him, but you love him deeply. 
You're an excellent student and you do really well in school. You love to read and write, and your latest hobby has been writing stories (mostly autobiographies) on the computer and making PowerPoint projects out of them. You are very talented at writing, and I really think that you may become a writer some day! You are thoughtful and are always making people little cards, notes, or crafts. Some of my favorite things are the little pop-up cards you've made me, or the sweet little note that you leave for me. 
Other moms always tell me how fun and kind you are, and how much they enjoy having you with them. It really make a mom proud to have a kid like you. You are funny and have the cutest, silliest laugh (daddy just loves it!), and spending time with you is such a JOY (unless you are really tired, then you turn into a drama-queen diva)! You are still a girly-girl who loves all things pink. You love ruffles, and ribbons, and bows, and braids...and all of that makes me so happy! You are my precious princess, and you will always be my best girl.
I love this expression so much!
LilliAnn loves:
-a challenge
-The Greatest Showman soundtrack
-slime, writing, and crafting
-Audrey, Carly, Grace, Bella, Ella
-cereal and pancakes
-Freddy's french fries and granny's french fries
-black leggings
-curling her hair
-"pink" steak
-Nana Karen
-bath bombs
-playing the piano
-doing back walkovers and back handsprings 
As I tuck you in a few times during the week, I'll say "God says...," and you'll say to me things like, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." And again I'll say "God says...," and you'll say, "I am His and He is mine," "I am the daughter of a King," "I am His masterpiece," "I am loved," "I am forgiven, or "I belong." This is my most favorite thing that we do together.  I want you to rehearse these truths and treasure them in your heart, so you will always know that you are not who the world says you are, you are who God says you are. I pray that you will be sure, and solid, and firm in your identity in Christ, and you will know the depths of his love for you. 

On your eighth birthday, this is the verse I will pray over you.
"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you."

My prayer is that you treasure His Word in your heart, and that you continue to walk in His light. I'm going to leave you with these words that I came across recently that speak my exact heart for you. It is called "Grace's Prayer," but for me, it's "LilliAnn's Prayer."

My heart for her is that she will learn that her journey is where she will become strong. Her strength is from God not within herself. That she stands when no one else does. That she speaks for those that cannot. That she be the light when everything else is dark. That she has the eyes to see the lovely in the unlovely, for that is so often where we see God. That she lives loved. Because she knows she is loved by God. That she hears His song over her each and every day. And that she is able to forgive because she knows the depth of her forgiveness. 

All of my love forever and ever,

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