Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's a Girl!

We had an ultrasound on Monday and we're very excited to announce that It's a Girl!
The ultrasound was all normal and our baby girl is doing great. After the ultrasound we had an appointment with Dr. Ryan. My due date is April 16, and since I'll be having a repeat c-section the tentative birth date is around April 9 (unless my water breaks sooner!). I've gained a total of 6 pounds with this pregnancy and my blood pressure was 112/74. The baby is about the size of a baked potato (about 5 inches long) and her heart rate was 150 bpm.
I'm getting so excited about shopping for a little girl! There are so many cute things for girls and I can't wait to dress her up in precious little pink onesies, tutus, and hair bows. I know Reid is going to be an amazing big brother. Jeb's mom has a life-sized baby doll and we've been telling Reid it's his baby sister. He'll hug and kiss the doll one minute, and the next minute he'll be hitting it and throwing it off the couch. I hope he doesn't try this with his real baby sister!
Reid and I at the ultrasound to find out if he's going to have a baby brother or a baby sister.
Looking back...These are the pictures from 2007 when Jeb and I were finding out if Reid was a boy or a girl!

We had a "gender revealing" party Monday night after the ultrasound. It was so exciting and we had so much fun! I'll post pictures soon.

-- Kell
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