Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Joys

Dad to Kass about dating in college: "So you're going to be a player?"
Reid: "I'm gonna be a player!
Reid and LilliAnn laying in my bed together, LilliAnn scooting towards Reid and reaching for him...
Reid: "No sissy! I'm tryin' to take a nap!"
Reid: "Let's go to the mall and buy a cowboy hat!"
Reid reaches over and touches my hair. "I wike your hair mommy."
Me: "I like your hair too Reid."
Reid: "I wub you mommy!"
Reid: "Inna draw R.D. Nana!" (what he says when he wants to write because you spell his name R.e.i.d.)
Mom hands him a pink highlighter.
Reid: "No Nana! That's for girls!


-- Kell
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