Wednesday, March 7, 2012

big girl.

It's day 3 of LilliAnn going #2 in the potty every single time! She has been so easy to potty train...we really haven't even been trying! She has been wanting Dora and Princess "panties," so today at Homeland we bought both Dora and Disney Princess pull-ups.

Tonight as we were lying down watching the Thunder game she says, "I need to go PEE PEE (she usually says poo poo). PEE PEE, mommy. ummm, PEE......PEE!!" After she went in the potty, she clapped for herself and said, "yay, sissy!" "Good job, sis," I said. "Give me hugs." "No, mommy. Inna give you knucks," And she fist pumped me :) Then she said, "I need to go give my daddy a kiss."

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