Friday, April 27, 2012

3D...not me!

Tonight we went to a 3D movie...The Pirates: Band of Misfits. Reid saw the trailer for it on tv this morning and started begging me to take him as soon as I got home from work. Of course I agreed, not knowing that the 7:15 showing was the 3D version. I do NOT like 3D movies! They give me headaches and make me nauseated, but I knew how much Reid was wanting to see the movie, so I grabbed my glasses and my Milk Duds and headed on in.

Just thirty minutes into the movie, Reid was sound asleep in Jeb's lap and LilliAnn was "very ready to go bye bye." I took sis to run some errands, but Jeb was enjoying the movie and wanted to stay.

It wasn't quite what we had hoped our movie experience would be like tonight, but we still had a wonderful family night and ended the evening with delicious ice cream from Braum's.

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