Thursday, May 3, 2012

Letter to My Birthday Boy: 4 Years Old

My precious Reid,
I'm lying here in bed next to you while typing this, thinking about how fast time has gone over the past four years. I remember the night you were born, 2:56 a.m. to be exact, and how my heart was bursting with joy and overflowing with love the minute your daddy placed you into my arms. I could have just stared at your beautiful face for hours. Now, four years later...I don't know how it's possible,but I feel more joy and more love than I did the moment you were born. You grow more handsome every day, and with each new milestone you achieve my heart overflows with pride. I never thought I would ever be this proud of such things as writing your name all by yourself, coloring a picture and staying inside the lines, skipping, break dancing, "tying" your shoe, diving to the bottom of the swimming pool, being able to get your sister out of her car seat, knowing what town you live in, and picking out your own clothes. Such small things to some, but to a mommy, every little accomplishment is like you have scored the winning run in the world series!
Things that I've learned about you over the past 4 years:
  • You don't like jello.
  • You are especially good at baseball.
  • You love pickles.
  • It's difficult to get you to sleep early...even when you're extra tired.
  • You don't like brushing your teeth.
  • You love to get your blood pressure, temperature, & ears checked at the clinic.
  • Tattoos and stickers are among your favorite things.
  • You can download an app all by yourself.
  • You're very sensitive to the emotions of those around you...particularly mine.
  • You love to wear costume, especially super hero costumes.
  • You tend to be serious. Smiles are not your norm.
  • You are a dancing machine (just like your daddy). 
  • You are quite the handy man and can put anything together. 
  • You love mowing, raking, cleaning, washing, & sweeping.
  • You are quite the artist. Fish, particularly sharks, are your specialty. 
  • Your favorite color is blue.
  • You love baths.
  • You are not a napper. 
  • You would never pass up Cheez-Its or a popsicle. 
  • You don't like to be alone (you still sleep with mommy & daddy).
  • You don't like to play alone.
  • You love Dino Dan, Curious George, and Power Rangers. 
  • You prefer to wear sports jerseys, especially your "K.D. jersey."
  • Another favorite thing: Thundering Up!
  • You love all types of fruit - especially strawberries, blueberries, & oranges.
  • You are the best big brother in the entire world!
..... high maintenance with persistent personality child (as your Nana would say), I wouldn't trade the challenges of your spirited soul for anything else in this world - because being "spirited" means you are lively, creative, keen, eager, full of energy and courage, and have a strong, assertive personality - in other words, Type A personality. I have been reading a book called "Raising Your Spirited Child," and it is like this book was written about you. Not every child fits under the "spirited" category, but these wonderful, bright, intelligent, perceptive children require extra time and attention. 
Here are a few traits of "spirited" children:
-Intense: They feel every emotion deeply and powerfully.
-Persistent: They are committed to their goals.
-Perceptive: They are visually attuned to the world around them.
-Sensitive: They are keenly aware of sights, sounds tastes, smells, textures, and emotions. *tend to be 
 picky eaters and picky about clothing and the way it fits
-Slow to adapt: They hate surprises and find it challenging to shift from one thing to another.
-Irregular: Figuring out when they will need to sleep, eat, or eliminate is a daily puzzle.
-Energetic: They're on the move.
-Cautious in new situaitons: A quick withdrawal from anything new is very typical.
-Serious: They're analytical, they tend to see what needs to be fixed, and they're reserved with their 

All of the above describe you perfectly! Interestingly, my dad possesses these same traits (as do I)!
Reid Jackson Rollins, you are everything that I ever wanted in a little boy...handsome, smart, ornery, kind-hearted, athletic, curious, and funny. A couple of nights ago you woke up in the middle of the night wanting a drink of water. You were sleeping in the middle of daddy and I, and you purposefully squeezed the water out of the bottle and onto the bed. Your daddy got on to you and you started crying...tired and frustrated in the middle of the night. As you were laying on my shoulder and sniffling, you said in the sweetest voice, "daddy, I hafta tell you somethin'" "What Reid?" He replied. "I wuv you to the moon." Melt.My.Heart. You have a heart of gold and the sweetest soul.
My prayer for you is that you will love the Lord with all your heart....that you will be a man of God and  always look to Him for peace, comfort, and wisdom. I pray that you will always cherish your family, understand the importance of helping others - especially those less fortunate than you, and strive to live your life with purpose. I will always support you. I will always be proud of you. And I will always love the moon and back!

Photos Courtesy of Rachel Cleere Photography

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