Sunday, August 12, 2012

oh, Lil!

LilliAnn cracks me up! I can not get her to say that she needs to go to the restroom...she always yells (at the top of her lungs, wherever we are) "Mommy! I need to go POOOOOOP! I need to go POOOOOP weally bad! I need to go POOOOOP now!" Although it sounds more like, pewwwwwp!

The girl is SOOOO dramatic. And I have no idea where she got that from?! This was our conversation tonight in the movie theatre.

"Mommy! I need to go pooooop! Poooop!"

"Ok, sis."

...I sit her down on the toilet and walk out of the stall (she won't let me be in the stall with her, she'll say "go out there, mommy").

As I'm going to the bathroom she says: "Mommy, are you peeing? Are you?"

"Yes, LilliAnn."

"Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Oh yeah."

She is A MESS!

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