Sunday, August 5, 2012

The pile up.

I just have to document this story.

So we're in New Orleans at the Aquarium of the Americas...the day before we leave for the, dad, me, Jeb, the kids, Kass, and his friends - Taylor and Pete. We had been looking around the aquarium and it was time to go up to the second floor. It was EXTREMELY crowded in the place...people and strollers everywhere...I mean bumper to bumper!

We got to the escalator and I saw the sign that said "No Strollers." We had the big sit and stand double stroller, but dad was pushing it and thought that it would be fine to take it up the escalator since the kids weren't sitting in it. Kass, Pete, Taylor, and Reid get on the escalator first, followed by mom, then dad and the stroller, me, and then Jeb carrying LilliAnn. Remember: it is very crowded and congested in there.

About half way up the escalator the stroller's wheel gets stuck and mom has to help dad loosen it up. They get that all taken care of, and the next thing I know mom is running into Kass, Taylor, and Pete - Reid wiggles his way through the crowd, dad and the stroller are stuck because the people are not moving ahead of him. At the top of the escalator you can only go one way - to the left with a sharp "right angle," which is NOT good on a Saturday in July with TONS of people filling the aquarium. There is an exhibit of river fish at the top of the escalator that everyone had stopped to check out.

So...picture this...escalator still going...people stopped at a stand still at the top of the falling down and getting falling on top of her, but trying not to - so he pulls his jumping up on top of the silver rails of the escalator at the very top and lifting the HUGE double stroller up with one hand like yelling at Jeb to get up on the rail...he jumps up on top of the escalator rail with LilliAnn...escalator still going...I'm still holding up this huge stroller with one hand...girl shouting "Everyone needs to start moving forward as soon as possible!! Shut the @*$# thing off!!! Is everyone ok? Someone help them now!"

The escalator gets shut off. Mom and dad stand back up. Jeb, Lil, and I get down from the escalator railing, and...everyone is the grace of God. I still CANNOT believe that happened. If that was on video, it would have been hilarious to look back and watch, but it was so scary at the time and quite the spectacle!

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