Thursday, December 13, 2012

Barney is the BEST!

This morning Barney was on t.v. while the kids were eating breakfast. We don't watch much Barney these days, and I must admit...I kind of miss Barney. The kids were sitting at their little table in the living room and I was picking up the house. I heard the Barney theme song come on and knew that the show was almost over. At that moment, Reid ran into the dining room where I was, said, "Mom" and held out his arms. He gave me a big hug and started singing the song to me while he hugged me. Four and a half years old and he STILL associates the Barney theme song with love, comfort, hugs, and mommy time. I used to sing this song to him every night when he was a baby while he nursed and fell asleep. I want to always remember little moments like the one we had this morning.

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