Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a little update...

I cannot believe I haven't blogged anything since Christmas! January is looking kind of blank on the blog, so I thought I would make a quick catch up post before heading to bed.

The week after Christmas, the director of the Nurse Practitioner Program at OU called and asked me if I would consider being adjunct faculty for the Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nursing course. Because I absolutely LOVE the program director, Cathrin Carithers (who was one of my previous instructors), because I LOVE the OU College of Nursing, and because I am weird and LOVE school, I said yes. There are about sixty students in the course and although it is mostly on-line, we still have conference calls a few times a week and there is lots of grading to be done. I am currently helping the main instructor for the course, Dianna Webber, update and finish up the last module for the course. It has been a while since I have done a PowerPoint, and I even have to narrate it for the students. Eeeek! The grading takes up some of my time, but I am enjoying being busy (most days!).

I am only filling in for Tricia now at the clinic, which means I usually see patients about two days a month. I miss having my own patients, but I love getting to spend more time with my babies. I have the rest of my life to work, and my babies won't be little for very much longer.
Yesterday we met with an architect and started discussing the plans for our new home. I am very excited, but even more overwhelmed! I am so not good with decisions....especially big decisions...and I overanalyze everything! I tend to be a very visual person, so hard for me to get the idea of what the general flow of my house will be when I am looking at it on a piece of paper. So....I am just trying to breathe and enjoy this process...take things one day at a time and hope that we get started on this house in the next couple of months (if I can ever get my plans finished!).

Reid is playing basketball at the YMCA and Jeb is coaching his team. He mama thinks he is the star player, of course, and he has scored 12, 14,  and 10 points in his last three games. They don't keep score at this age, but Reid makes sure that I am keeping track while I am cheering him on in the bleachers. He wears Under Armour, Nike, and his K.D. or Michael Jordan shoes almost every day, and it is a fight to get any other type of clothing on that kid. This evening, he put on his Nike shorts and his #23 headband and wristbands, then walked into the living room to show LilliAnn. "How do I look?" He asked. She replied, "SO very handsome!" Reid got a really big kick out of her response.
If this little boy isn't practicing his hoops, he's at the table working a jigsaw puzzle...his new obsession. He is actually very good at puzzles! I have found that Reid and I really bond when working puzzles together, because it seems to be a quiet, relaxing activity for our high-strung personalities.

LilliAnn is getting quite the personality...I mean, I thought her personality couldn't get any bigger, but these past few weeks she has really been outgoing! As I described her when she was an infant...she is such a joy! He giggles, silly sayings, sweet words, beautiful dances (especially her new "shake it" move), her poses, and her intelligence (she is already writing "Lilli" by herself!), far outweigh the temper tantrums and little diva fits that have seemed to surface this past month. She knows all of her letters and their sounds, knows her birthday, can count to 20, spell her name, knows the words to several songs, can write several of her letters, can wipe herself (very efficiently!), and can climb up onto ANYTHING....especially if there is candy at the top!
Her hair is crazy, curly, and still pretty short, but it fits her personality perfectly! The front is finally starting to get some length and I love being able to put it in a ponytail. She loves all things princess...especially Cinderella, and cannot wait for her "beautiful princess birthday at the castle at Disney World where Cinderella will eat my cake with me."

Jeb is enjoying coaching Reid's basketball team. Reid keeps him busy playing baseball in the backyard or playing NBA 2K13 on the PlayStation. He spends all of his free time with our kids and is truly the BEST daddy in the world! He took Reid to Papa Jeff's house in Ada last weekend and they had a great time playing on the farm and gathering chicken eggs. Jeb really likes the "country boy" life and still isn't so sure about us building our new home in the Country Club. We're still keeping our eye out for land that isn't too far out of town, but will most likely build on our lot. It is a big lot at the end of the cul-de-sac, in the gated back part of the Shawnee Country Club, so I think it will be a great location for our family! I told him that we can always buy land later and he can build him a little "man shop" on his land.

The Rollins Ruckus have been busy little bees, as usual...but we wouldn't have it any other way! Stay tuned for a post that showcases our adorable Valentine pictures! Lots of love <3 p="">

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