Sunday, February 17, 2013


While watching the All-Star basketball game tonight...

Reid is sitting up in bed, yelling at the t.v. 
"Come on All-Stars! If you wanna be an All-Star, just be it! That's what you All-Star! What are you thinking Harden?! You're supposed to play like a All-Star! And a baller...yeah, baller too! Get buzzer beaters and stuff! Hey that guy looks like Larry. You know what Larry? Larry Bird. No, not Larry Bird. I mean the mohawk player...Birdman! If they tie we get a replay right? I mean overtime. (Starts singing Space Jam) We're gonna take it into overtime!"

Then LilliAnn says, "Where. Is. Michael Jordan?!"
R: "He doesn't play anymore, sissy." 
L: "Oh, cause he's in the dunk contest?" 

Oh children and their conversations!

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