Sunday, December 15, 2013

week 24. (baby #3)

24 week appointment. 
December 5, 2013 - Dr. K. Anthony Shanbour (Mercy Hospital, OKC)
  • blood pressure: 106/78
  • total weight gained: 23 pounds
  • fetal heart rate: 156 bpm
This was a quick appointment, as I am feeling great and have no problems so far. Everything seems to be going pretty smooth with this pregnancy…except my weight gain! When I got on the scale this time, I found out that I had gained 8 pounds in the past month! I was in complete shock! I told the nurse that I was extremely upset and thought I was going to be sick. I know I have a growing baby in my belly, but I was completely disgusted with myself because I have been eating TONS of junk and just kind of let myself go this past month. Because of scheduling conflicts, I missed going to Reggie's for almost a month and haven't been doing any sort of exercising. Thanksgiving didn't help with the extra pounds, and everything seems to taste SO good! I'm trying really hard to just enjoy my pregnancy and not worry about my weight, but I worked so hard on my body this summer that it's disappointing that I have just let myself go and not been eating more healthy for the baby AND for me! Every day I tell myself that I'm going to limit my carbs and sugars and eat more nutrient rich foods, and then we go to a Mexican restaurant or the kids want ice cream at Braum's! It's so hard to be disciplined when you're pregnant. I weigh exactly the same as I did at this point with Reid and 5 pounds more than I did at this point with LilliAnn. It looks as if I'm on a 1 pound/week average weight gain. If I gain 40 pounds that will put me at the exact weight that I was when I delivered both Reid and LilliAnn. My goal was no more than 30 pounds, but Dr. Shanbour wants me to gain about 35. Hopefully I can stick to just 35! Dr. Shanbour looked at me and said, "I'm really not worried about your weight. Have you seen my waiting room?!" Lol! I really like him! He told me to cut our the bread, potatoes, and sugar and I will be fine! That's easier said than done, but I'm going to at least do better! 
We had Christmas with Missy last night and she got us our first baby item! I haven't bought anything yet for the baby, and seeing this adorable onesie from Missy made me really excited! I've decided to turn the "man room" into a playroom, and turn the playroom into a little nursery. We picked up our final house plans, but probably won't break ground for a few months related to the weather, the holidays, and Jeb being in the middle of drilling more wells right now. Things will be really chaotic the next few months and we're not in any hurry to get started (now that we have the plans!), so we're planning on being in our new house around a year from now. I was going to have just the co-sleeper in our room and put a little dresser/changing table in our room as well, but I really want this baby to have its' own space. The playroom is small, but right off of the kitchen, and has lots of natural light so I think it will make the perfect nursery! I can't wait to get started after Christmas! Since we don't know the gender yet, I'll probably not stress about the nursery and just work on it as I see things that I like. 
We leave for snow skiing in the morning, but I will not be skiing this year. The doctor says that it's not worth the risk, and I think I would rather sit by the fire and watch the kids in ski school. This will be LilliAnn's first year in ski school, so I am anxious to see how she does. It will be nice to get away with my family and enjoy the holidays in a stress-free environment. There is just something magical about being in the snow covered mountains during Christmas time!

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