Tuesday, March 11, 2014

week 36. (baby #3)


36 week appointment.
March 4, 2014 - Dr. K. Anthony Shanbour (Mercy Hospital, OKC)
  • total weight gained: 38 pounds 
  • fetal heart rate: 142 bpm
  • blood pressure: 120/82 (It's creeping up! BP has was 100/60 for four appointments in a row, was 110/70 last visit, and is now in the 120s.)
          I've actually felt better this past week. I am breathing and sleeping a little better, which probably means the baby has dropped some. The contraction-like pains have actually eased up a bit, and I have only been feeling some pelvic pressure and those occasional sharp vaginal pains. Dr. Shanbour didn't check me this visit, as the baby is head down and I'll be having a c-section. I can't believe that I have had two breech babies, and this one is still head down! I'm guessing that my uterus is stretched out some and this baby has had more room to get into a cozy position! My hands and feet have started swelling some, and I've been battling a horrible sinus infection! I went to the chiropractor twice and this seems to have really helped my symptoms. The baby is still very active and likes to stay on my right side. For the past week, I've had a little foot that periodically pokes out on my right side just above the level of my belly button. I'm getting up about once every hour to use the bathroom at night, and Jeb says that my snoring has gotten out of control! He's been sleeping in Reid's bed for the past week. 
          I only purchased one pair of maternity jeans and two or three maternity tops this pregnancy. I gave away most of my previous maternity clothes, and the one little box that I saved has been mysteriously MIA. It has worked out just squeezing into my regular clothes…until now. I have finally reached the point where absolutely NOTHING fits, and I look ridiculous trying to squeeze into things. I've been sleeping in Jeb's t-shirts, and wearing my favorite black yoga/work-out pants almost every day. Even my maternity jeans are getting tight and uncomfortable (however, they are a petite small!). Hopefully I can make do for just TWO MORE WEEKS!

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