Wednesday, June 4, 2014


17 years old and I'm riding shotgun in a white Chevy truck...this cute blonde-haired football player leans over and says, "If you can guess who sings this song, I'll marry you." 
Obviously I guessed right  And that was Jesus's doin' because Neil Young wasn't exactly on my playlist.
At that moment if you could have fast-forwarded time and let me see a little bit more of the story, I wouldn't have believed it. Thirteen years of togetherness and three kids later, he's still making me guess songs.I woke up early this morning and realized that all five of us were crowded into one entire world in that king-sized space. I smiled and then got tears in my eyes because my heart felt so full. God has truly blessed us beyond measure. Jeb Rollins, you're an amazing husband and the BEST daddy! Thank you for calming my soul and rocking my world. You made my dreams come true and I can't wait to live out the rest of our love story.

Jeb and I celebrated our seventh anniversary a couple of days ago. Jeb's mom kept the big kids and we took the baby with us to OKC for the evening. Jeb bought me some Marc Jacobs sunglasses and surprised me with a Michael Kors bracelet! We had a romantic dinner at Boulevard Steakhouse and then a good night's sleep without kids in our bed! I thank Jesus every day for this amazing man of mine and I look forward to spending the rest of my life by his side! 

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