Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr. Sandman

One of Reid's favorite places to be this summer is in his sandbox. Gam-Ma Missy bought Reid a sandbox for his first birthday a few months ago and he has absolutely LOVES playing in it! He throws the sand, digs in the sand, and yes...even EATS the sand! I'm excited to see how well Reid likes the beach when we go on our vacation to Florida next week since he enjoys playing in the sand so much. Jumping back and forth between his kiddie pool and the sandbox makes for a really messy little boy but it also makes for some pretty cute pictures too!

Eating the sand...licking the sand off his fingers...and YUCKY sand! ~

Mr. Sand Man...a beard of sand! ~
He would lift up the sand, throw it, and then say, "Ooohhhh!"
Slip & Slide ~

My little sand man is such a grand man!