Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend Logan, one of my very best friends from high school (actually since 4th grade), got married! The wedding was held at St. Eugene's Catholic Church in OKC and the reception was at Rocky's in Bricktown. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and we were leaving for vacation at 6 a.m. the Sunday morning after the wedding so we had a very busy weekend. Kari picked me up Friday morning and we headed to the Hampton Inn at Bricktown for the Bridal Brunch. We had fresh fruit, hot cheesy chicken salad, and bread for lunch and it was very yummy (thanks to Logan's Aunt Sharon).
All of the Bridesmaids and House Party
Bridesmaids and House Party + Linda, the Mother of the Bride!

Each bridesmaid had to stand up at the brunch and share a special memory of Logan. I told the story of how Logan and I were "String Sisters" in elementary school and how we said that our lunch boxes (Logan's was cow print!) connected us always by an imaginary string. We would use our lunch boxes to roll the "string" (like we were fishing) to bring us closer. ~

My friend, Myrtle, that I met while helping decorate at Rocky's! ~
The beautiful Bride-to-Be walking in to rehearsal ~
This is her nervous look Troy's nervous look ~

Kari, Julie, & I waiting for instructions (and trying not to get into any trouble!) ~
My very, very best friend and I at the Rehearsal Dinner...Isn't she gorgeous? ~ ~

Weird ~

Aren't these the cutest bags? ~
Jeb was able to get off work a little early Friday night and him and Reid loaded up the car for vacation and came to stay at the Hampton in Bricktown with all of us. We hung out in Kari's room with Julie, Matt, and their precious little boy, Cash (who will be turning 1 very soon!). Even though Julie and I are very good friends, because they live in Tulsa Reid and Cash have only seen each other a few times. Reid isn't very good at playing with other kids yet and he kept tackling Cash and making him cry. ~

Bath time for the boys
Isn't this precious?
Splish Splash! ~

Wedding Day...the bride carrying her dress to the car ~

Bridesmaid of the year :) ~ ~

It was really sentimental driving Logan to the church. It was only us four (Kari, Logan, Julie, and I) in the car and we talked about old memories and good times!
Halfway ready!
The back of the bridesmaid dress


Isn't she lovely?

Her mother and her Aunt Sharon both wore this veil
Ready to Rock!
Look who showed up! Two handsome boys!

Our little family ~
Kari and Reid watching the first dance at the reception
Their first dance ~
The reception was so much fun! The couple made their entrance to Boomer Sooner and we danced the night away. We ate chips & salsa, bar-b-que sandwiches, meatballs, and grilled chicken and there were monogrammed mason jars for gifts for the guests.

A pic of the grooms cake

The Wedding Cake

LOVE this girl!

Johnathan Lozier and I (he works for Feed the Children)

My friend Brandon Blackburn from high school
A pic with the Gorgeous Bride... Mrs. Logan Curtis!

The bride and maid of honor having a "moment"
The Fabulous Four
Seminole High School Class of 2002 (minus Jeb who was up in the room taking a nap with Reid)
Seminole High School Class of 2002 pic at MY WEDDING 2 years ago!
Dancing to Brad Paisley's "She's Everything"
Reid joined in!

Our hotel room had a fabulous view of the Bricktown Ballpark and we even got to watch a game!
After the wedding everyone went out in Bricktown and Jeb, Reid, and I took a carriage ride. Then it was off to bed for a few hours before waking up at 3 a.m. for our 6 a.m. flight!

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  1. Love the bathtub pics! You all look gorgeous at the wedding!