Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a Blessing!

Reid has an announcement...
He's going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!
We are so excited to announce that God has blessed up with another child, due April 16, 2010. Just one week before Reid's 2nd birthday!
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. -Psalm 127:3
I was almost SHOCKED by the two pink lines as I sat in the bathroom alone in the condo at Destin, Florida on August 4th. Things had been a little irregular since I stopped breastfeeding in May and I had taken so many negative pregnancy tests that I assumed this one would be the same. The night before, I was grocery shopping in Destin with mom when I suddenly got the urge to want to run down the isles eating everything in site...this was my first clue! As we were checking out I said to her, "I would just love a grilled cheese, some black olives, tomato soup, and some limes right now." The funny thing is I don't even like tomato soup! She gave me that "are you pregnant" look and at that point I thought to myself, well, maybe I am. Then the tought quickly passed because I had just taken a test on Friday morning before Logan's wedding and it was negative. So I proceeded to ride the Skycoaster, an over 100 feet free fall thrill ride, that night and then the next guessed it...there were TWO lines. I walked into the bedroom and woke Jeb up and said, "Jeb you have to come to the bathroom, I have to show you something." He opened his eyes and smiled then said, "you're pregnant." I shook my head yes and he gave me a big hug and kiss and said not to tell anyone that he wanted it to be a BIG SURPRISE!!! Ok...good luck with that in my family. While I was in the bath that morning I secretly texted my best friend Kari because I just had to tell someone and she knows everything about me! Then later that day I told my Aunt Johnna because she makes me really happy and because she kept wanting me to drink a strawberry daquiri with her :) I told Suzanne next, well, because Suzanne just knew. She's good at that! Two days later mom and I took Reid and went to do a little shopping in all the cute little stores in Destin. While we were in one baby store she spotted some really cute newborn things and looked at me and said, "who do we know that's having a baby?" It was all I would do not to shout, "ME!" But, I didn't and we went on with our shopping. Later that morning we were letting Reid play on bench outside the shops and I finally told her. How could I not tell my mom? We hang out every single day! She was thrilled and suspected it was coming soon anyway. I didn't want to tell my dad for a while because like his daughter, my dad CANNOT keep a secret. I didn't want the rest of the family to know yet because I wanted to surprise them all. Mom felt guilty about keeping a secret from dad and made me tell him when we got home from vacation. One week later Reid's "Big Brother" shirt had come in and I took pictures of him wearing it. I was going to mail it to all our family members, but my dad couldn't wait for everyone to find out so I emailed it to everyone that night. Now here we are, 7 weeks pregnant and the new baby is doing great. Ultrasound pictures soon to come!
He looks like a big brother. Notice the black eye!!

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  1. Yeeeyyy! Congrats Kelli Ann!! That's so great! You are such an amazing mommy two will be nothing for you to handle. Let's hope for a girl :) But if it's a boy I think you should name him Ryder... Reid and Ryder? How cute is that? Haha! Congrats!!