Sunday, August 16, 2009

Up to the Hype: Snack Cup

Munchkin Snack Catcher Snack Cup

We LOVE the Munchkin snack cup! Reid has been using these since he was about 11 months old and now we don't leave home without one. I have one in my car, in the diaper bag, in my kitchen, and we usually end up leaving one everywhere we go. I really like all of the Munchkin products, especially the Mighty Grip Flip Straw sippy cup, and heir products are BPA free . This snack cup is very affordable, costing about $3.29 for a 2-pack, and comes in a few different color options. Most of the Munchkin feeding products come in clear, neon-type colors that are super cute! The easy grip handles, no-spill lid, and easy accessibility of the snacks make this the best snack cup in my opinion. Some other snack cups we have tried are much more difficut for the toddler to get the snacks out of the opening in the top, but Reid seems to have no trouble getting his snacks out of this cup. This snack cup is also great for the car because it's easy to hold on to and the snacks won't spill out all over your car!

Reid carries his Munchkin snack cup all over the place and I try to put healthy snacks in them, with a different type of snack in each one. Here are a few examples of the snacks I sometimes use: goldfish, organic Earth's Best cookies, organic cheese crackers, dried fruit, organic vegetable puffs, Gerber veggie dip puffs, Cheerios and raisins.

Here are a few other Munchkin products I like:

-Mighty Grip 10 oz. flip straw sippy cup (one of the best sippy cups we've tried, better for
-Mighty Grip 10 oz. straw sippy cup (better for at home)
-Fresh food feeding (good for about 7-9 months)
-Soft-tip Infant Spoons
-Stay-put Suction Bowels

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