Monday, October 26, 2009

18 Months Old

I can't believe my little baby was 18 months old yesterday! It seems like yesterday we were speeding to the hospital to have a baby who was ready to see the world a little bit earlier than planned. His arrival into this world was very fitting as our life has been just that since his birth - choatic, not always as planned, exciting, memorable, and blessed! My mother has the amazing ability to know a person's character and personality as soon as she meets them and after a few days with Reid she "labeled" him as "high-maintenance with persistent personality" and "an angel straight from heaven." As it turns out, my mother was exactly right! Reid has enriched our lives and given me more joy in 18 months than I could have ever imagined. So to my precious little baby boy I want to say thank you for the following:
-all the sleepless nights of bonding and cuddling close to you
-saying mama as your first word
-all your delicious little kisses
-getting to hear you say moon and star in your sweet little voice every night
-eating popsicles in the bath tub with me
-laughing when I get your belly
-for being "mama's baby"
-for teaching me to go with the flow
-giving me bites of your food when you're eating
-entertaining us with your basketball shows
-for bringing us so much joy and happiness
Things you LOVE:
-balls of all kinds and sizes
-Goldfish snacks
-strawberry smoothies
-playing choo choo with mommy
-Tec the Tractor show
-Dr. Pepper (thanks to Papa)
-our dog Jackson
-singing and dancing
-Laffy taffy and Starbursts
-giving and throwing kisses
-reading thr foreign language Baby Einstein book with Papa
-reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
-your bottle and Goat's milk
-going down the slide
-scrambled eggs and sausage
-chicken & dumplings
-mommy and daddy's bed
-brushing your teeth
-brushing your own hair
Things you don't really like:
-mommy or daddy brushing your hair
-putting lotion on
-sitting still when we go out to eat
-your crib
-washing your hair
-changing your diaper
Reid, It's been quite the adventure so far and I can't wait to make many more memories. I pray you'll always trust the Lord with all your heart and remember to go to him with all your questions and troubles. I love you more each and every day.

-- Kell,
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