Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Update

I haven't talked about the pregnancy in a while so here's a little baby update. We went to our second prenatal appoinment at Dr. Ryan's on October 6th. The baby's heart rate was 156, my blood pressure was 114/72, and I had either lost a pound or gained 4 pounds (I'm going with the gained 4 pounds, I think the nurse wrote my weight down wrong!). We discussed VBAC versus repeat c-section again, and I'm still leaning towards repeat c-section. The ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby is scheduled for November 2nd and we couldn't be happier. Everything is going great with the pregnancy, Reid is talking more and beginning to say more difficult words, I'm enjoying working part-time, and Jeb is in the midst of a major career change. Life for the Rollins is good! My belly is definitely starting to grow - much sooner than it did when I was pregnant with Reid! Most people couldn't tell I was pregnant with Reid until I was about 6 months along, and now at 4 months I feel like I've really got a belly, especially after I eat. The morning sickness is gone for the most part, although I did have a little nausea a few mornings this week and I did throw up one time. I'm not getting as car sick as I was and I'm a lot more hungry! I've had to really work hard with making healthy food choices because I've been craving junk food during this pregnancy. Salty dog snow cones, sour skittles, velveeta cheese dip, french fries, and chocolate malts have been my down fall. I've also been having these horrible caffeine cravings and had to take a few sips of a Coke or Dr. Pepper, which is not like me. I didn't drink a drop of caffeine when I was pregnant with Reid! As for baby names, what's currently going around is Rushton Jeb Rollins for a boy and call him Rush, and LilliAnn McKenzie Rollins for a girl. The ultrasound is just 6 days away so stay tuned to find out if we'll be shopping for pink or blue!

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