Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laundry's not my thing.

That's right. Laundry's NOT my thing! I know what you're thinking. Laundry isn't anyone's thing. And I know, it's probably not. I'm sure most people do not like doing laundry. There probably is somebody out there, however, who just loves doing laundry, but laundry REALLY is not. my. thing. I'm sure it's the type A personality in me that cannot stand for there to be no completion. EVER. I like to see the end result. I like accomplishment, completion, things that stay in order. This doesn't happen so much with laundry. You finally think you've done that last load, but then on your way to the bathroom you find a random sock, or a dirty shirt, hiding in the corner somewhere. And if you do happen to find all the strays hidden around the house, it's not long before the laundry basket is filled to the top once again. Then, when I finally stick to the task and get it all folded, I get extremely stressed out when I put it all away. Why? You say. Because when I start hanging laundry in the closets it makes me feel like I need to organize the closets, straighten all the shoes, etc. I know, it's ridiculous! 
Jeb is always on me about doing the laundry. Not that I let my laundry pile up...I would never let it get out of hand. There is never more than my laundry room drawers or my bathroom laundry basket can handle, but it's just that I'll start doing it and not finish. I'll put a load in, switch it to the dryer, and then not fold it for a day or two....then it's wrinkled and I have to start all over or toss it for a while on de-wrinkle. Such a waste of time, I know. I avoid laundry like the plague. And it's gotten so much worse since Jeb started working in the oilfield. He has huge piles of filthy dirty oilfield clothes that make my washer and dryer smell like black gold! Don't get me wrong, the smell of oil is not a bad thing. It reminds me of the smell of my daddy's truck when I used to ride around and check wells with him as a child, but I do not like for Reid and LilliAnn's clothes to smell of oil. Doing Jeb's laundry means lots of oxi, lots of spray & wash, and lots of cleaning the washing machine. It's even worse during the winter or when he works on the pulling unit because there's jackets, sweatshirts, long johns and coveralls to wash as well! But, having clean work clothes every morning and his favorite jeans hanging in his closet and ready to wear are really important things to Jeb. And because of this, it doesn't bother me to stay up late and get all the clothes put away. That's what marriage is about...doing those extra little things that you know are important to the other person, even if it's not your favorite thing to do. Love, is why you do it.
It's kind of weird to blog about laundry, but as everyone else is in bed and I'm staying up to fight the pile of clothes on my couch I thought to myself, laundry is NOT my thing! I'm really good at a lot of things, but laundry is just not one of them!

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