Thursday, June 9, 2011

What would I ever do without you?

Some People
Isn't it a gamble
Layin' your heart out on the floor
Nothin' short of a miracle
When you find the one you're looking for
It's another kind of trouble trying to hang on to who you are
When all you wanna do is lose yourself in someone else's arms
Isn't it a wonder that we got this far
Some people aren't lucky like us
Some people they just give up
When the hard times fall
The thrill of it all is gone
Leaves you in a cloud of dust
It's sad to think that some won't find it
And others won't recognize it even when it comes
We're all at the mercy of the will of love
Some people yeah
Some people aren't lucky like us
Two lonely souls that just stumbled into fate
Look how much we've been given babe
In spite of all of our mistakes
And I will never forget I've been blessed with the gift of lovin' you
And when the going aint easy babe
A little faith will pull us through
Thank God we have eachother we can hang onto
To have someone you can laugh with
Someone you can cry with
Tell all your secrets to
To have someone who won't judge you
Someone who just loves you
No matter what, they stand beside you
Some people

This song was sung at our wedding...4 years ago. Wow, 4 whole years of marriage. This past month marked 10 years that Jeb and I have been together. That's an entire decade! The word that comes to mind is blessed. I am so very blessed to have, Jeb, to have you as my husband. I thank my Lord and Savior every day for providing such a perfect match for me. As I was sitting here tonight thinking about our anniversary and our relationship, I asked myself, "what would I ever do without you?" I would be unbalanced, unsettled, and unhappy. Who would take the trash out? Who would dance for me and make me laugh? Who would kiss me on the forehead? Who would tell me everything is going to be ok? Who would jam out in the car to classic rock with me? Who would be able to tell me who sings every song that comes on the radio? Who would help with my laundry? Who would I get to dress up at Halloween and who would take crazy pictures with me? Who would hold me close and make me feel completely calm? Who would drive for me while I put my make-up on? Who would rub my shoulders? Who would call me every morning on the way to work? Who would make me have butterflies in my stomach? Who would make me so happy that it makes me cry? Who would love me like you do? What would I ever do without you?
4 years. 2 kids. 1 boy. 1 girl. 2 bachelor's. 1 master's. 1 dog. A few fish. A few extracurricular activities. 3 new jobs. 2 houses. 2 cars. 1 motorcycle. 1 church. 1 happy family.
It's been wild. It's been crazy. It's been romantic. It's been fun. It's been scary. It's been exhausting. It's been exciting. It's been tough. It's been funny. It's been adventurous. It's been chaos. It's been...perfect. So thank you. Thank you for being an exceptional husband, but most of all, thank you for being an exceptional father.
 So here's to 4 years...and here's to our fairytale. 

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