Thursday, July 28, 2011

Potty Pic!

I got LilliAnn out of the bath tonight, put her diaper on, and started putting on her pajamas. As I was pulling her pajama top over her head, she started saying "bee bee. bee bee." I thought she was saying "baby," so I told her I would get her baby doll after I finished getting her ready for bed. "Bee!! BEE!!!" She yelled louder. "Hang on sis. Just a minute," I say. She walks across the bathroom as I'm trying to button her top, points to her potty, starts trying to pull down her pants and says, "mama, bee bee." Oh! She was saying, "pee pee!" Then she sits down and "bee bees." I'm so proud of my 15-month-old potty girl!

P.S. She gets this face from her daddy. Jeb and Josh can push their lips up to cover their nose...that's how they hold their nose in the water...weird, I know. LilliAnn started doing it lately and we didn't even teach her. Definitely her daddy's girl!

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