Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My sorry.

I have to share this story...LilliAnn walked into my closet when I was hanging up clothes and said, "My sorry, mommy." I said, "What for sissy?" She took my hand and led me to one of the walls in my bedroom where I noticed some pen marks & scribbles. "My sorry for this wall, mommy." She had to have done it earlier this morning, but I guess she started feeling bad and wanted to tell me sorry...I probably wouldn't have noticed for days. She's her mother's child...always telling on herself :)
Then, Jeb was trying to get the kids settled down for the night, but they were both running all around our house acting crazy! Jeb kept telling them to stop running and lay down or they were going to get a spanking and be in trouble. Reid finally settled down, but LilliAnn would NOT listen to Jeb. Finally, Jeb said, "Sissy! Stop running and lay down now!! I mean it!" She looked at Jeb with a huge smile and said, "Dang it!" Then she plopped down in Jeb's lap, lifted up her leg and said, "'pank me Reid!" Oh my goodness...and she's only 1 1/2! Jeb said, "KelliAnn, think about when she's 16!"

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