Friday, June 1, 2012

just holding it.

LilliAnn is potty trained...well, for the most part. I still put her in pull-ups when we go places because of those unpredictable moments. Yesterday we were out of pull-ups so I put her panties on her to go to Reid's art show. Just as we were pulling out of my mom's house LilliAnn says, "I havta go pee pee!" Because we were in a hurry and running late, I turned around and said, "Ok sissy. Just hold it. We're almost there and mommy will take you to go pee pee." Jeb was driving and I turned back around to put my make-up on. After about a minute I glanced back to check on the kids and saw Lil...both legs pulled up in her car seat, both hands grabbing her crotch tightly...she's was as still as I've ever seen her. I asked her, "Oh sissy! Did you pee pee in your panties?" Then I reached back to feel and see if she was wet. "No, mommy. I just holding it."
She is such a mess! This made Jeb and I both laugh out loud! She thought that when I said, "just hold it sis," that I literally meant to "hold it." I just love two year-olds!

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