Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kindermusik Kutie.

I took these pictures a couple of month ago before LilliAnn's first day of Kindermusik. I just recently uploaded them from my camera card, and they were all so adorable I had to share a few! 
Kindermusik is a music class for children that we go to one day a week at OBU. Reid started Kindermusik when he was a year old and I decided this year that it was time for LilliAnn to go too! She absolutely LOVES it! She seems a little more into it than Reid was and sings/interacts more. I think it may be a boy/girl thing. The two year-old class is parent and child so it is a great way for LilliAnn and I to spend one-on-one time together. Their current curriculum is called "Milk & Cookies," and LilliAnn loves listening to our home material CD in the car. Her favorite song is called Barnyard Lullaby and during class Ms. Conchita has us rock our child in our arms or sway back and forth. During this song, LilliAnn always tells me to hold her "wike a baby" and I rock her and sing to her. She squeezes her eyes shut and acts like she's asleep for the entire song. When I play this song in the car she usually will go to sleep, so we've started singing it at night as she's going to sleep. She'll say to me, "Mommy, sing the baby song." Just in the last few weeks she's gotten to where she can sing the entire song with me. 
This is a few of the lyrics from the song so I will never forget them:
Now my child is sleeping, all is quiet here.
Happy birds are singing a lullaby so dear.
Dream of woodland animals, and birds upon the wing.
Dream of summer and fairytales and I will softly sing.
2 1/2 years old...
LilliAnn Loves:

-Caillou (on NickJr.)
-candy, especially chocolate!
-"pink" icecream (strawberry)
-spaghetti and meatballs
-taking baths
-baby dolls
-ANYTHING that has to do with princesses...especially Cinderella!
-anything "sparkle-wee"
-getting her nails/toenails painted
-themed clothing (Tinkerbell shirt, Minnie Mouse shirt)
-picking out her own clothes
-dance class
-cheese goldfish
-anything tiny, miniature, small, or "a baby one"
-her Little People Disney Princess Castle
-her gray ballet flats with the shiny hearts that Aspyn gave to her
-picking out a movie from the movie case in the car
-the alphabet, especially telling us what sound EVERY letter makes
-make-up...especially lip gloss
-brushing her teeth
(Conversation the other morning: 
Lil: "Reidy are you not going to brush your teeth?"
Reid: "No"
Lil: "Yes, bubba. It's fun!"
Reid: "I don't want to."
Lil: "Well you have to....because I'm the boss.")
-being bossy (see above conversation)
-working puzzles
-brushing her hair...what little she has!
-pushing Reid's buttons (and boy, has she gotten good at it!)
-flushing the toilet...especially in public restrooms. Ick!
-washing her hands (thank goodness!)
-Nodic Naturals orange, omega-3 gummies
-hot chocolate
-cherries...especially at Sonic
LilliAnn McKenzie, you are quite the mess. I am being completely honest when I say you are absolutely EVERYTHING that I ever wanted in a little girl. There is at least one moment every single day when I look at you and think, "Your great-great grandma McKenzie would have thought you were the bees knees." I am so proud of you that every day I feel like my heart is going to explode with pride. I love how dramatic you are...I love how you hold my face and rub my cheeks, looking at me with those sweet little eyes and that little scowl saying, "I wuv you so much, mommy." "I wuv you to the moon and back." "I wuv you to the tallest of everything." I love how smart you are. You know every letter of the alphabet and you know what sound EVERY SINGLE letter makes. My favorite is when you tell me what a "H" says and your little tongue hangs out of your mouth as you say, "ha ha ha ha" or when you make the "L" sound. LilliAnn you are like your mommy and are going to have a great memory...kind of a photographic memory I think. You remember everything...even things that I would think you were too little to remember. I love how tough you are. You rarely cry when you get hurt. You run fast...really fast. Your daddy calls you his little nose guard. I love how much you love your big brother. And how even though he's older than you, you still try and keep him in line. You call him "bubbles" like mommy does sometimes and it cracks me up. I love how you randomly bust out in song and how you will start doing your "beautiful" dance while we're out and about. You wave your arms around and do twirls while singing your own little songs. I love how you're a good eater and how you like broccoli, salad (especially caesar), and every kind of fruit. I love how independent you you walk right into your Sunday school class, how you were hiding behind the chair with a wet paper towel putting on glitter tattoos all by yourself, and how you dress yourself and try to "yip" up your jackets on your own. I love your blonde, fine, short hair and how it's a crazy, beautiful mess...just like you. When it comes to little girls...your daddy and I hit the jackpot. You got the best of both of and Reid both did. I feel BEYOND blessed to have two amazing, wonderful children. 
LilliAnn...Lil...Buttons...Lil Bil...Sissy...LaLa, you are the entire package. And you melt. my. heart.

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