Friday, November 23, 2012


LilliAnn LOVES all things pink. She says her favorite color is pink, she always wants "the pink one," and pink Starbursts make her one happy girl. Her room is decorated in shades of pink....she has a pink my little pony...a pink Pottery Barn Kitchen....a pink tea set...a pink princess castle...a pink baby doll cowgirl boots...and when I let her choose, she always picks the pink hair bow.

But I must admit, I was surprised when she walked up to me with the plate of food I had just made for her during Thanksgiving dinner and said, "I want some pink turkey!" 

I'm sure I had the most confused look on my face and I initially thought, " turkey? How am I going to pull this off?" And then it came to me.

"Oh! You want some ham?!"

I put several pieces of ham on her plate and she said, "Oh, I wuv pink turkey!"

She hasn't been eating very well the past week, but she ate her entire plate of "pink turkey." She is such a girly girl...and I absolutely LOVE it!

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