Friday, July 18, 2014

mom life.

Went grocery shopping with two wild kiddos and a baby who has a summer cold and is fussy (not my best decision)...had to open a pacifier off the shelf while shopping (don't worry, I paid for it)...three people asked if I needed help while shopping, two said I had my hands full, and one man helped adjust my baby wearing device (what a sweet man)...loaded it all up in the pouring rain (there was so much it took up my entire back and the front seat) the hungry kids in the house and eating while I made 12 trips (yes, 12) to my car to unload. Finally everything's put up and organized and I'm diffusing Peace & Calming. Who knew grocery shopping could be so exhausting?! #momofthree #wouldnttradeitforanything #thesearethedays#momlife #wesurvived
It's...three. That will throw you over the edge into "just let it go" world. The inside of my car is dirtier than it's ever been, I'm behind on laundry (and blogging), I struggle to get everyone fed, my mind is completely off balance (not good for a libra), and I'm eating everything in sight due to stress and no schedule. But.......seriously y'all, Rush is a GEM!

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