Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rush's first trip to the zoo.

Last week was fall break. Jeb was in Colorado on an elk hunting trip, so my mom and I decided to take the kids for a surprise zoo trip. When we pulled up to the zoo, Reid was SO excited! He kept thanking my mom and I for bringing him and he couldn't wait to "pet the sharks!" Sharks are his favorite animal and he loves the new "Stingray Bay" that the OKC Zoo opened up last year. LilliAnn wanted to see the flamingos most, but also loved touching the stingrays. This was Rush's first time to the zoo and he absolutely LOVED looking at all of the animals! The zoo was a little crowded because it was fall break and the kids were hungry, so we decided to only stay a couple of hours. After petting the sharks, we went and saw a few things in the Children's Zoo, made our way to the snake house, and then on to the flamingos, turtles, and rhinos. Before heading out, the kids wanted to play at the playground for a while, which was probably where they had the most fun! We left with a stuffed hammerhead shark to add to Reid's collection of bedtime buddies, and LilliAnn picked out a colorful and "girlie" stuffed stingray. Before heading home, we had a wonderful lunch at Nonna's in Bricktown and did a little shopping in their super cute gift shop. It was such a fun, relaxing day…making memories. Oh, and the picture at the top of this post…my mother and her two sisters have a similar picture at this very same water fountain taken when they were kids!

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