Monday, October 13, 2014

thirty one.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! 

My day started out with my husband walking into the bathroom this morning after I finished getting ready and saying, "Woah! Thirty one...where. have. you. been?!"  A mom of three doesn't get her hair and make-up finished most mornings 😜 That was followed by a "Happy Birthday" serenade by the sweetest little voices.

Then it was snuggles from baby Rush and a fun little road trip with my parents...followed by an amazing lunch with my very best friend that included "spin dip" and a brownie sundae. My mother-in-law stopped by to give me the cutest new jacket, and then dinner with my bigs that included queso and lots of giggles. Next, I watched my best girl "shake it off" at the football game, then was welcomed home with a gift certificate from my awesome aunt for my favorite cheese tray at Nonna's. And I ended my night with a warm bath and butterfly kisses. 

Oh, and a special mailbox surprise from a dear friend that I plan on getting when it stops raining! 

Thirty one... and blessed beyond belief. 

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