Monday, December 29, 2014

the last one.

I read an article this morning about how being a mother is different with "the last one" and it was all so very true! I have enjoyed Rush's "baby-ness" so much more than my first two...I'm a more relaxed mother. I'm older and more confident in my parenting. The other kids are older - I don't have another baby or toddler to tend to, so all of my "baby" attention goes to him. I realize what "stuff" we really need and what stuff just gets in the way. I understand how fast time flies and I cherish every moment, even the not so good ones. And I've finally realized that he will be ok...he'll survive if he eats a cheeto puff at 7 months, so I can sit back and enjoy this miracle that God has given to me! 
#letthembelittle #baby3 #myjoy

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