Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Little Joys

"It's crazy right here mom! I better scoot over! My underwear are soooo wet!" (Reid talking about laying in the wet spot after he woke up and realized he peed the bed)

Reid's last words before falling asleep: "(sigh) I'm downloaded!"

"Momma! Sissy scatched (scratched) me and it berry (very) hurt."

Reid picking up the phone and dialing numbers... "hello? Santa Claus? Go away!"

Me: "Reid if you don't sit in Santa's lap and tell him what you want then you won't get any toys."
Reid: "Well, I already got toys!"

Driving through Sulphur:
"Roll up the window! Shoo!"
(he gets up & down confused!)

-- Kell
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