Saturday, February 4, 2012

change. tweak. adjust.

So with a new year comes a new "us"...well, sort of. We've been fine tuning things around here over the past few weeks. January has flown by and I still feel like I'm trying to get everything (including us) back "in order" after the holidays. I'm still only working at the clinic on Fridays, but have recently started another adventure that I'm really excited about! I took a position this semester as adjunct faculty for the OU Nurse Practitioner Program. I'm working along side the director of the NP program, teaching two classes in the adult NP pathway. As of now, I absolutely LOVE it! I've always loved school (I know, I'm a nerd!) and it feels good to get back into the world of academia. It's going to take up a bit more time than I expected, but the compensation is also a bit more than I I'm happy.

Another "change" is that we started the kids in Mother's Day Out at Immanuel Baptist Church. They only are going one day a week and I'm hoping that it ends up working out. We're still a little on the fence about this decision. Reid has shocked us and has done much better than expected at drop off. He cries on the way to "school," but by the time we get to the classroom he's ready to play! This week he didn't even tell me bye and even ran down the hall ahead of me to get to his room! However, when my parents picked him up that afternoon, he was sitting alone on the bench outside while the other kids played on the playground. He had told the teacher that he was tired and went and sat down by himself. Of course, when my dad saw this he told me that he didn't think Reid liked MDO and that since he didn't have to go that I shouldn't make him. I think he needs the structure and socialization, so we're going to try it again next week and see how he does. I'm thinking maybe he was just feeling left, since most of the little boys play together everyday and Reid's only there one day a week. I've considered two days a week for Reid, but that's still up in the air as well. Jeb and I really fret about every little thing as parents...what if Reid is the "weird" kid? what if the other boys were being mean to him? what if he stays home with me and isn't ready when he really has to start school? maybe he's not playing enough with other children? what if it takes him a long time to learn his letters? and it goes on and on and on... Jeb asked me last night if it was weird that the only thing he thinks about all day long at work is how he can be a better parent. He takes his daddy role VERY seriously.

LilliAnn also does just "ok" at MDO. She wants the teacher to hold her most of the time, and she was weepy when my mom picked her up this week. I'm not as sold on MDO for LilliAnn, because unlike Reid's class, she doesn't have a structured preschool curriculum at her age. I'm thinking I should probably just keep her home with me on Mondays. I feel as if Reid, however, will really benefit from the interaction with other children, as well as the educational opportunities that MDO provides.
Both kids have had a constant cold and cough since starting MDO. They've never done daycare, and rarely do the church nursery, so their immune systems are being exposed to all kinds of new germs that it's trying to "get used to." Reid has had a horrible ear infection, and he's cutting a molar as well. All of this makes for little sleep, lots of tantrums, exhausted parents, and increased stress for all of us.

BUT...we also have adjusted/tweaked our schedule. We've implemented a bedtime routine. We are setting more boundaries. We're using the "calm down corner" discipline technique. We're staying home more. We're playing more together. We're doing more things as a family...the four of us. We're eating family meals together at our new kitchen table. And the new "us" is finally starting to all come together! I've made a family calendar and scheduled out all of our weekly, Kindermusik, my work-outs, my class days, my clinic days...and we're about to add swim lessons and t-ball to the mix! Jeb is still working for my dad in the oilfield. Our company is planning on drilling several new wells this year, so I anticipate that Jeb will have a busy year. My goal this year is to get our house plan picked out, so I can start planning the details of our dream home. In 2012, I'm trying to be more organized, slow down, enjoy the moments, focus on the "little joys," count my blessings more often, and breathe deeply. My plan is to keep Christ as the focus and foundation of our family, and I know everything else will work itself out.

Happy 2012.

Thank you for bearing with us as our blog layout is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

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