Sunday, March 24, 2013

something else.

If I could take a snapshot of LilliAnn right now to put in my mind to remember her...almost 3 years old...this is the picture I would choose. This is my Lil. All girl. Sugar...and spice. A blonde-haired beauty with a tiara. Princess dress on...Cinderella, of course. Not just one, but two babies in tow. She informed me last week that she wants to be a "baby pusher" when she grows up. She sings. She dances. She dreams. She twirls. She poses. She is smart. She is strong. She is confident. She is silly. She is independent. She is beautiful. She is curious. She is a joy. She is EVERYTHING that I ever dreamed of. She is my heart and soul. My song. My moon and stars. There is just something about a daughter...
As my great-grandmother, Lilliann McKenzie, would say..."She is something else."

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