Monday, April 8, 2013

Disney Recap Day 1: Downtown Disney

Arrived in Orlando at noon, so decided to use the first day for Downtown Disney and checking out our resort. Took about 30 minutes to get to our resort on Mickey's Magical Express (shuttle included in our WDW package). They picked up our luggage separately and took it to our room, so we never even had to go to baggage claim.
*Warning: when you get your packet in the mail make sure you put a yellow tag on your stroller as well as your bags (if you check one) or you'll have to go to baggage claim and get it.

•very pleased with The Contemporary...cute rooms and home to Chef Mickey's (famous character restaurant); monorail runs through the lobby and very close to Magic Kingdom
*staying in the Tower...request a balcony and "theme park view" room
This is our view from our balcony!!

*with littles convenience is KEY!
•def recommend the meal plan through WDW...we did the mid-range one and it's going to be perfect (includes 1 table meal, 1 quick-service meal, and one snack daily for each of us)
•great idea to do Downtown Disney first because it works up to the parks...for example the kids rode a carousel and a little train and LOVED it! If we had done Downtown Disney last, it would have been a bust after Magic Kingdom
•mostly shopping and eating...face's a a neat "Welcome to Disney World" icebreaker/intro...only need to spend about 3 hours here; bought our autograph books and pens here
•T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney is AMAZING (especially for little boys); great food and great service. They have huge dinosaurs and mammoths that roar, aquariums, and part of the restaurant is an "ice cave" that changes colors. They even had a chocolate dessert that has smoke coming out if it like a volcano!

I ordered these hats a month ago online...googled "Disney monogram mouse hats." They love them!! One less thing we had to do/buy when we got here. I surprised them by having them on the bed when they walked into the room..."a gift from Mickey!"

More info. tomorrow!

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  1. This is all such great info! I'm glad you are blogging about it. I am totally going to steal your ideas when we take a big trip (with lots of cousins) to DW in a few years! :)