Sunday, April 27, 2014

Letter to My Birthday Boy: 6 Years Old

Six. It's already been that many?!
I'm sitting here in a hot bath, exhausted after a long day of cleaning house (including the birthday boy's room and closet), doing laundry, ordering and picking up cookies and cupcakes for the birthday boy's baseball team, attending the birthday boy's opening t-ball game of the season, and going to dinner for the birthday boy, trying to figure out what I want to say to you as you turn six years old. My entire weekend was filled with doing things for you to make you feel special…because I love you more than anything in this world. I've always been the "do-er." Daddy's better at sitting down and playing with you…spending quality time with you, and I'm better at doing things for you…picking up your room, making sure the clothes you want to wear are clean, making sure your baseball stuff is organized so you can find it, making goody bags and getting decorations together for your birthday…and this makes me sad. I want everything to be just perfect for you. My personality is to stay on top of things, to get things done, to clean, to organize, to get everything off of my list before I can enjoy life. And while these are all good things and tend to lead to success/accomplishment, it also can lead to the most important things in your life being neglected. I'm telling you this because you have this same type of personality. You are a "do-er" like your mama. You're an over-achiever, a perfectionist, a type-A personality, and a worker. And I know without a doubt that you are going to be successful in whatever you do…but Reid Jackson Rollins, I want you to try your hardest to not neglect the most important things in your life…to not forget to relax every once and a while and enjoy the little things. It's ok to make mistakes. Messes make for creativity and are what keep life interesting. It's going to be hard for you…because I know you…but sometimes you're going to have to "let it go." So this year I'm going to be better at teaching you to relax. I want to play with you more…enjoy the precious moments and really learn more about your amazing personality. I'm going to help you build Legos, shoot some hoops, attempt to learn a little about the Play Station or XBOX, catch grasshoppers, bait some hooks, and read to you a lot more! Because these years are fleeting and childhood goes fast. You won't remember me cleaning up your closet, organizing your toys, or saving all of your art work, but you will remember the time I spent with you and the memories we made.
This last year you have really seemed older. Starting school has made you mature…you've become much more independent and your separation anxiety is almost gone. You no longer hold on to mommy's leg, but instead beg to spend the night with Nana and Papa, or ride with a friend after t-ball games. You lead the way to your classroom every morning instead of staying close by my side and you sleep in your own bed…the entire night! You wash your hair by yourself, don't need help brushing your teeth or picking out your clothes, and you're such a big help with baby Rush (if only you would pick up your toys)! Last week, it was your turn to say your name and birthday in front of the entire school at Rise and Shine. I was a little worried that you would be nervous and Mrs. Schooler would have to help you, but you absolutely ROCKED it! You made eye contact with the audience, held the microphone so confidently, and even started out by saying "Hi" before introducing yourself. You even waited and then said "Hi" a second time after the applause had stopped so you could be heard. I was extremely proud!
You are starting to read, and you read an entire book to daddy and I the other night! You would much rather work with numbers, but now that you're getting the hang of it, you've started to enjoy reading too! You still hold your pencil/crayon with a crazy grip and I have been fretting about it! This is the only thing that you get an "unsatisfactory" on your report card. I was really upset about this because you just can't seem to change it. However, I recently discovered that your Uncle Kass has the EXACT same awkward pencil grip and it hasn't seemed to affect his accomplishments. He was Valedictorian and is graduating second in engineering school and one of the top ten seniors at OU, so I guess if this is what you get with a crazy pencil grip then I'll take it! The grip has not seemed to affect your drawing skills, because you are an amazing artist! You come home from school every day and sit and draw pictures. From dinosaurs to sharks to police cars, super heroes, and bad guys, your pictures have so much detail for a five/just-turned-six year-old! My favorite picture so far is one you drew of a t-rex eating pieces of meat next to a big volcano that was erupting! And if you're not drawing, then you are out in the garage or driveway shooting baskets. You LOVE basketball and practice every single day. When you come out of your room in the mornings you shoot a basketball in the mini hoop hanging on the hall closet door.
Reid loves:
-t-ball & basketball
-Nana's chicken & dumplings
-chicken/bacon spuds from McAlister's
-riding his go-kart at Nana & Papa's 
-playing NBA 2K14 on PS3
-playing dress up with LilliAnn (as a superhero or a police officer)
-watching National Geographic or Animal Planet shows like Survivor Man, Gold Rush, or River Monsters
-Duck Dynasty
-going to check wells with daddy
-anything Under Armour
-basketball shoes (particularly Kevin Durant's or Michael Jordan's); he currently has TEN pair that fit!
-helping Papa work in the yard
-drawing pictures
-sharks (especially Megladons)
-playing Simon Says (or any competitive game!)
-drawing with sidewalk chalk
-crab legs
-root beer
Reid Jackson, this is my verse for you as you being your sixth year of life: 

You who are young, be happy while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. 
-Ecclesiastes 11:9
My prayer for you is to be filled with joy…to worry less…to not be so hard on yourself…to have FUN…and for me to be an example of this. Because you are like me, if I can be an example of peace and joy then it will come easier for you. I want you to savor every moment of your childhood and be filled with so much happiness and confidence that you cannot be jaded.
I am so very proud of you, my sweet Reid. I am proud of how well you are doing in school and how good you are reading. I'm proud of your athleticism and your success as a baseball player. But Reid, I am most proud of your kind heart and your sensitivity to others' feelings. You have always been extra sensitive to the feelings and emotions of those around you, and I love this about you. Last week you got a super student award at school from your teacher for having a kind heart. This made my heart absolutely burst with pride! I pray that you are always like this…that you are always the nice kid with the kind heart….that people will see Jesus's love through your words and actions. You are a fine boy, Reid Jackson. And I'm so glad that you're mine.
Love, Mommy

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