Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Last week we were at my mom and dad's and while my dad was rinsing off the patio I decided to let Reid play in the water hose. He LOVED it! Since Reid was about 6 months old, everytime he would try and put his hand under the bath water I would say, "hot!" Now whenever he sees running water he says, "hot!" My parents have a waterfall going into their pool and he always walks over to it and says "hot!"

Reid's expressions are priceless!


We finally set up Reid's kiddie pool in the backyard last week. When I'm outside watering the plants, I strip him down and let him have a little fun in the sun!


Playing in the sandbox


A picture with daddy...

And...a picture with mommy (this is what happens when you try and make a 13 month old smile for the camera!)


Goin' for a cruise

I also had some great pictures of Reid and his cousin Jett playing in the pool and sandbox, BUT Jeb accidentally left my camera on the bench at the zoo and when we went back to get it 2 minutes later someone had taken it :(

Hopefully, more fun summer pictures soon!

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