Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Up to the Hype: Car Seat/Stroller System

Orbit Infant Travel System & Toddler Car SeatMy mom and dad surprised me with the Orbit Infant Travel System the day I brought Reid home from the hospital. I had never heard of the Orbit brand before but when I first saw it sitting in my living room it looked unlike any car seat and stroller I had ever seen. The Infant Travel System comes with the infant carseat, which fits babies up to 22 pounds, the stroller base, and the car seat base. We also got the infant bassinet and rocker. The reason this product lives "up to the hype" is because the car seat swivels 360 degrees! When you are putting the baby into the car you can swivel the car seat to face you, making it way easier to buckle in the infant. Also, the car seat fits easily onto the car seat base and stroller base by just squeezing up on both side handles then letting them go once the seat in on the base. The car seat also swivels on the stroller making it easy to turn in any direction (this is especially works great at dinner when pulling the stroller up to a table). Another bonus is that the bassinet also fits onto the stroller base allowing you to push the infant in the bassinet. I would push Reid all around the house in his bassinet and would push him into the bathroom while I was in the bath or shower. I love this system!!! We would place the bassinet on the rocker and put it by the couch, and a lot of nights Reid would sleep in the bassinet on the stroller and we would push it up by the bed. Also, this system is ideal for travel. When staying the night at my parents' house or at a hotel we would take the bassinet and stroller base (which by the way, is so easy to fold up) and that is what Reid would sleep in at night by the bed. The stroller has neat little cup holders, has great wheels and is super easy to push, and the handles easily slide up and down which enables the stroller to be the perfect height for you! Look! Nicole Richie even had the Orbit system for baby Harlow!

This is the Orbit toddler car seat made to use after the infant has outgrown the infant seat. This seat also fits on the same base and swivels as well. There is a catch to this one though...when facing backwards (recommendations are to keep the infant rear-facing until 1 year of age AND 20 pounds) the seat still uses the base, but when turning the seat to face forward the base is no longer used and braces must be attached to either side and the seat buckled in. This makes the seat a lot more of a hassle to remove to set on the stroller once the child is forward facing. Also, the child is heavier by now making it a little harder to lift the seat anyway. This is why Orbit makes a smaller, lightweight toddler stroller seat that attaches to the stroller seat once the child is forward facing in the toddler seat. However, this is an added expense.
I highly recommend the infant travel system and bassinet set, but when it comes to a toddler car seat, although this one is very good, I think others would work just as well along with a lightweight umbrella-type stroller (Maclaren?). Then you're not having to deal with either lifting a huge, heavy seat to put on the stroller or having to buy the extra toddler stroller seat.

This picture shows the toddler stroller seat (left) and the toddler car seat being lifted onto the stroller base (right)

What's Hot:
Infant Travel System2 super cute color options - Black/slate or Mocha/khaki
EPP foam-lined car seatexcellent safety features
swivel ability
easy base docking with SmartHub
bassinet component
ability to buy replacement parts and accessories easily
options for adding a color to the toddler stroller seat in sky, raspberry, or lime
What's Not:
keeping up with a toddler car seat, stroller base, and toddler stroller seat
the price (but infant system is well worth the price!)

Infant Travel System (includes car seat, car seat base, & stroller base) - $900
Bassinet (includes bassinet and rocker) - $280
Toddler car seat - $360
Toddler stroller seat - $220

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