Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Turquoise Door Project

I've been wanting to paint my front door turquoise for a while now but just recently got up enought nerve to actually do it! My great-grandmother McKenzie (my mother's grandmother) had a white house and always painted the trim of her house the brightest, turquoise green/blue color and I loved it. Everytime I see this color I think of her. She was the most amazing woman I have ever known. I would stay with her every day after kindergarten and we became very close. I remember that every time I was at her house her bible would always be open and she would read it daily. She was a Christian woman and I never remember her missing a day of church. Grandma McKenzie was so outspoken and would tell you what she thought. I remember her saying once, "Now Johnna that's big enough," commenting on my Aunt Johnna's weight, and once she drew a picture of a donkey and labeled it "Jackass" and put my name under it. She had the most positive outlook on life and was still push mowing her own yard into her late 80s. In her final days, she was trimming some hedges behind her house and fell behind a ledge and broke her leg. She was unable to get up and had to spend the night in the brush and bushes below her house. When we found her the next day, it had rained on her and she was covered with ticks. Her response to these terrible circumstances was that God knew she needed a shower so he made it rain. She was one of the one influential people of my life and the inspiration for my front door.

The paint color...Synergy, also known as "grandma blue"

My dad came by to check out the progress and of course I talked him into helping.

Look who else I talked into helping!

I don't think he thought I was doing a good enough job, so he volunteered to take over. Notice how I'm not in any of the pictures. I became the supervisor of the project :)

Then the project became an even bigger one because once we painted the trim around the door dark chocolate brown, we decided that it would look even better if the shutters were painted to match. Good thing we only had two sets of shutters to paint.

A close up of the first coat of paint on the door

The finished product...almost. Although I loved the color I picked out, it was a little bright and wild so I went over it with a Van Dyke brown glaze. FYI, glaze is not easy to work with and after applying a coat of glaze and wiping it off, then applying another coat of glaze and wiping it off with a brush, then sanding on top of the second coat...we finally got it to look good. Actually it was dad to the rescue. He came over the night before I had Logan's wedding shower at my house and fixed the glaze and sanded the door to try and get the look I wanted. Thanks DAD!

I will add pictures later of the final product with the glaze added. The glaze makes the door look more distressed and tones down the color quite a bit.

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