Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day

When Memorial Day comes around it usually marks the beginning of lake season. We have a place at Wewoka Lake, and my grandparents live on the lake, so it's a great place to go on the weekends for a mini vacation. The lake is small and my parents are in the process of building a cabin down by the water so we'll be spending even more time at the lake over the summer (as you will probably see in future posts). Last Memorial Day we went to the lake but Reid was only a month old and I was still breastfeeding. Although I took him out on the dock for a picture, he spent most of the time up at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin sleeping and eating. This year Reid was old enough to ride in the boat and he LOVED the lake. I thought it was going to be a nightmare taking a one year old out to the lake, but it actually went really well and we had a blast!

Reid walking around by the water with his daddy
Reid loved exploring!

Jeb and I...Ready for some sun!

Of course, as soon as he saw a "vroom vroom" it was over! He wanted to sit on the waverunner the entire time we were on the dock.

Going for a ride around the lake with Papa

Reid's favorite thing to do was to help his daddy drive the boat. The entire time we were in the boat he would walk back and forth from the front of the boat, to the back of the boat, then to Jeb's lap to help drive again.

Mommy got to do a little skiing...and was terribly sore the next day!


Now let's take a look back 1 year ago Memorial Day 2008..

Wakesurfing for the first time Not very good yet...

Our Family... Memorial Day 2008

This year, Jeb and I even got to take the boat out and pick some friends up across the lake while Reid was napping My love

It's so fun to look back at how much things change after just a year. This is me trying to take a picture with Reid. He is just too busy to be still for a picture.

1 Year Ago... Memorial Day 2008

It was little easier to get him to take a picture last year... Look at how tiny Reid was - So precious.

Napping in the boat after too much fun in the sun!

I like to take pictures of Jeb and Reid when they are sleeping. He sleeps so good in his daddy's arm.
1 Year Ago... Memorial Day 2008
Sleeping with daddy last summer at the lake
Mommy with a 1 month old

Memorial Day 2009

Mommy with a 1 year old

We always have such a fun and relaxing time at the lake. There's nothing like Grandma Lucy's breakfast outside on the porch with a cup of coffee, driving the Gator around, listening to classic rock tunes on our iPhones in the boat while getting some sun, or sitting on the dock and waving at all the old friends that drive by on their boats to say Hi. Stay tuned for many more posts about "Lake Time."

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