Tuesday, October 22, 2013

week 13 & first trimester update. (baby #3)

first trimester update.

I was using Dr. Ryan (Center for Integrative Women's Health - St. Anthony Hospital) again with this pregnancy, as he was the doctor who delivered both Reid and LilliAnn. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Ryan and have been using him for over six years! However, at my appointment at the end of my first trimester, Dr. Ryan informed me that he would be retiring at the end of October after over 35 years of delivering babies! He just celebrated his 68th birthday and decided that it was time. He always does his own deliveries, and I'm sure that 3 a.m. c-sections get pretty tough when you're 68 years old! I cried during the appointment, and Dr. Ryan teared up as well. He recommended his partner, a female OB/GYN named Dr. Willis, and promised that she would take great care of me. As I was checking out after my appointment, I just couldn't bring myself to schedule another appointment with Dr. Willis. I tried to control the tears as I talked to the receptionist, but I started bawling uncontrollably. I told her (in between sobs) that I was very emotional about Dr. Ryan retiring and would have to call back later to schedule my next appointment. I cried all the way home from Oklahoma City. I know that it's a good thing that Dr. Ryan is retiring since he felt like it was time, but I just felt like I couldn't trust anyone else to cut me open! After talking to several friends, getting some recommendations, and praying about it, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shanbour at Mercy. 
1st Appointment Stats:

Dr. Robert Ryan
Due Date: March 27, 2014
7 weeks
BP: 120/86 (high for me)
Total weight gained: 3 lbs.

First ultrasound: Fetal heart rate - 168 bpm, Measuring: 7 weeks 6 days
2nd Appointment Stats:
Dr. Robert Ryan
13 weeks
BP: 122/80
Total weight gained: 8 lbs.
Fetal heart rate: 160 bpm
-lime popsicles
-candy (especially Sour Patch Kids, Laffy Taffy, & Milk Duds)
-Mexican food
I have felt great during this pregnancy so far! I have only had a few days of nausea and true morning sickness, and haven't felt very fatigued since the first few weeks of the pregnancy. I am hungry ALL THE TIME and am really going to have to watch my weight gain with this baby... especially since it's my third and I'm 30 now! I'm still working out with Reggie one day a week and have been trying to walk or do the elliptical 2 or 3 days a week as well. 
I'm really excited about my appointment with Dr. Shanbour and can't wait until I have another ultrasound! We've decided not to find out the gender of this baby, so it will be a fun surprise at birth!! I'm not very good at surprises, so we'll see how this goes! Because we're building a new house in the next few months, I've decided not to do a nursery in this house because the baby will be in the co-sleeper in our room for quite a while anyway. I'll probably just set up a changing table and nursery area in our bedroom and wait to do a nursery in the new house. 
I've been so laid back with this baby... soooo chill and soooo not like myself! It's been kind of nice actually. I haven't worried too much about the logistics of another baby... I just feel blessed to have another bundle of joy joining our family! 

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