Wednesday, October 23, 2013

week 14. (baby #3)

This isn't the best picture.... it was taken early one Saturday morning before the kids' soccer games. 

I started feeling little flutters this week and I can honestly say it is the BEST feeling in the entire world!!  I know it will be several weeks before Jeb and the kids will be able to feel the baby move, but I can't wait for the moment when the kids feel that little kick for the very first time! LilliAnn will be beside herself with excitement! I've had quite a bit of nausea and morning sickness lately. You would think that all of that would be over by now, but this seems to be the worst week so far. It only lasts for a little while in the mornings, but it hits so suddenly and throwing up nothing but bile is so disgusting! Poor Reid saw me throwing up one morning and said, "Oh mommy! Are you ok?" Bless his heart... the little guy didn't know what was going on! 

I had my appointment with Dr. Shanbour at the end of this week and I absolutely LOVED him! He spent a lot of time with me, and seemed extra interested in my thoughts and how I was feeling during this pregnancy. I have heard he is an excellent surgeon, and since this will be my third c-section, that was extremely important to me. He told me that I definitely would not be able to ski on our trip to Colorado in December. I was kind of bummed, but know it's for the best. Jeb had said that there would be no skiing for me this year, and had already put his foot down. I would rather be safe than sorry, so I'll spend my time in Keystone shopping, drinking hot cocoa, and sitting by the cozy fire. 
Dr. Shanbour wanted to do another ultrasound since this was my first visit with him. I wasn't exactly certain about my last menstrual period, so he wanted to take a peek and see how the baby was measuring. Being 14 weeks, he thought he could do a regular ultrasound, but we ended up having to do a transvaginal. My uterus wasn't up high enough yet for a normal abdominal/pelvic ultrasound and the baby was turned, so he wasn't able to visualize the heart beat at first. Of course I knew why he wanted to do a transvaginal, and I got a panicky feeling and felt my heart in my throat! As soon as he visualized the baby during the transvaginal, the heartbeat was as clear as day... a nice, strong heart beat of about 160 bpm! Praise the Lord! I was a little bit scared for a minute! 
The baby was measuring about a week ahead, but we kept my due date of March 27. 
3rd Appointment Stats: 

Dr. Anthony K. Shanbour (Mercy Health Center - Oklahoma City)
14 weeks 6 days
Total weight gained: 9 lbs.
BP: 116/80
Fetal heart rate: approx. 160 bpm

Second ultrasound
Measuring: 15 weeks 6 days
Dr. Shanbour already knows the gender! I told him that I didn't want to know, but I have a guess :) Look at its little hands up behind its head... just chillin' So adorable!!! I know this sounds weird, but this ultrasound pic looks SO much like our first ultrasound picture of Reid. 

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