Wednesday, October 23, 2013

week 16. (baby #3)

october 2013.

So... it's my 30th birthday and I am pregnant with braces. All I wanted when I turned 30 was a bikini body and a couple of other things that started with "B," but instead I got braces and a baby! #blessed

This week I have really started feeling pregnant! The bump has officially arrived and has just all of a sudden popped out! I was about 24 weeks with my last two pregnancies before my belly looked like this, but I'm enjoying every second of my little baby bump! I'm definitely feeling more chubby this week and my jeans are getting very hard to button. I'm thinking that I may have to break out the maternity jeans soon! I've gained 12 pounds so far during this pregnancy with my goal being to stay under 30. I gained about 32 pounds (maybe a little more with LilliAnn) with my last pregnancies, so I'm hoping to gain a bit less than that this time. It's going to be VERY hard to do, because all that sounds good to me is baked potatoes, potato soup, and grilled cheese sandwiches! Carbs...ugh!!! 

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